Biden’s Major Ally Predicts DEMS Will LOSE The Elections Because of BIDEN

Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary, predicted on Sunday that the democrats would lose the upcoming midterms if they allowed it to be a referendum on the president.

Though this prediction comes very late as the democrats will not have any reason to smile after the midterms, at least Psaki was correct about one thing. If only she had given this advice some months back, the democrats might have been able to correct their actions to provide themselves with some hope.

Psaki joined MSNBC’s anchor Chuck Todd on Sunday morning to share her thoughts. She told Todd that the democrats would focus their campaign on extremism with the GOP if they were wise. Other people around the world base their campaigns on what they would do and what changes they would implement if elected. Some incumbent politicians show what changes they have made so far and how they can continue to make an impact.

However, one does not need much research to see that the democrats have done nothing for Americans. They have no accomplishments to show off and nothing good they intend to do for Americans. This is why they continuously try to misrepresent Republican politicians who want to see the country in a better state. Imagine having to paint your opponents as terrorists so people can be afraid of them and choose you, who they believe to be the better evil.

The anchor started the segment with an ad against Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. In this ad, the democrats tried to connect abortion rights and crime to paint the candidate as a criminal, seeing she is doing far better than her democrat opponent. The desperation in this ad was far too evident, which made TOdd ask Psaki if she thought the democrats were trying too hard.

Psaki responded, “If the election is about who is the most extreme, as we saw, you know, Kevin McCarthy touch on there with Marjorie Taylor Greene, I’ll say her name, sitting over his left side, then they’re going to win. If it is a referendum on the president, they will lose.”

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She continued, “Crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats. I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities. And if you look at Pennsylvania, for example, what’s been interesting to me is it’s always you follow the money, and where are people spending money. And in Pennsylvania, the Republicans have been spending millions of dollars on the air on crime ads against Fetterman because that’s where they see his vulnerability. So, yes, the economy is hanging over everything. But you do have to look at state by state factors. And crime is a huge issue in the Pennsylvania race.”

If Democrats want to bring out the crime card, then they should have at least considered how the crime rates in the country are significantly higher in democrat-led states.

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