Confused Biden Asks For ‘Everyone Under 15’ To Come On Stage At WH Braves Event

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Creepy Uncle Joe strikes again!

President Joe Biden, perhaps one of the creepiest politicians in the history of the United States, seemed a tad on the confused side during a White House event Monday that celebrated the Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series victory. So, in other words, it’s just another day that ends in “y.”

After the president finished his little talk, the team gave him a jersey with his name on it. Just before he turned to leave, he looked at a photographer and said, “Don’t jump.” This, of course, was Biden’s attempt at a clever wisecrack, though it was really nothing more than a bad dad joke.

“Well folks, guess we’re going to do something now, that is uh … a reception,” the president said to the team, who stayed in in position for the picture.

According to Breitbart, the group then reminded Biden that they needed to take a few pictures first. He agreed, then held up his jersey for the cameras. The only problem being that it was still folded up at the waist. Biden is a walking Homer Simpson “doh!” moment.

The commander-in-chief then turned his head and started to jaw away with members of the team as cameras kept on snapping pictures. Once again, he turned to leave. Folks, this man truly does not have any idea where in the world he is or what he’s doing. The photographers doing the shoot encouraged him to hold still. A few reminded him to hold up his jersey for the photos. Which is exactly what he did.

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Until he saw a group of kids in the audience, encouraging them to come up closer to the stage. This is the part of the story where your Creepy Joe detector should be ringing out loud and clear.

“Guys, c’mere,” he said to the children. “Everyone under 15, c’mere. C’mon.”

Anyone else get a shiver up the spine with that last bit. Eww.

The president then chit-chatted with some young boys before turning to talk to an older girl. He beckoned the poor girl over to him. Folks, brace yourselves this is probably going to give you the heebie-jeebies.

Biden said, “C’mon, honey. I’ve got a daughter that’s two-team all-state, so c’mon.”

The president later got down on one knee to look at a young boy, yanked on the kid’s arm to bring him closer, then pivoted him so they could get a picture. Thanks for asking for the kid’s consent, Uncle Joe. Geesh. Isn’t that what the left is big on these days?

A staffer who works for the president approached him quietly and motioned for him to leave as an announcer asked those in attendance to settle into their seats as Biden left the room.

Well, that was super awkward. Is there anything that Biden does that isn’t weird and awkward? Even if he isn’t purposefully trying to be creepy, does he not really see how strange his behavior is? How can someone be that off about their own behavior?

Oh. Yeah.

Dementia can sometimes do that to people. Maybe Biden needs a cognitive ability test? Just a thought.

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