What Should I Invest In As A Prepper

What Should I Invest in as a Prepper Image

  Questions like “what should I invest in as a prepper” have become more common following the coronavirus pandemic. And while some find this laughable, claiming that there are no investments specifically for preppers, I hold a different opinion. Actually, there are certain investments that true preppers should invest in and others that they shouldn’t.  Let me explain. As preppers, we are not exactly working towards the prevention of disasters. The best we can do in...

Surviving A Deserted Island II

Surviving A Deserted Island Image

   With no access to call for help, what comes next in your plan for surviving a deserted island? A lot. However, before proceeding, it may interest you to know that aircraft in flight are always monitored from the tower, so if you’re stuck on an island due to a plane crash, rescue is already in motion. You don’t just know how long it will take to arrive. If you’re not there due to a commercial...

Surviving A Deserted Island

Surviving a Deserted Island Image

  Surviving a deserted island is not an impossible thing. In fact, it may be a very valuable experience for you to have.  What could lead to finding yourself in a desert? A plane crash, a storm attack on your cruise ship, a yacht expedition turning out wrongly, or losing track of your fellow adventurists out in the wild. Whatever, the result remains that you’re stuck on an island with nothing save for your knowledge, skill...

Surviving An Air Crash II

Surviving An Air Crash Image

  The preparations for surviving an air crash begin from the moment you book your flight to the end, however it turns out. The earliest steps include wearing the appropriate fabrics (wool & cotton) and keeping your seatbelt on at all times.  Let’s see the latter steps necessary to be one of the few survivors of a plane crash.  What Should I Do When The Plane Is About to Crash? Preparing for Impact   There’s always...

Surviving An Air Crash

Surviving an air crash image

  Surviving an air crash is about the rarest thing after flying dinosaurs & fish with legs. Yet, it isn’t an impossible feat. It’s just that the paranoia that comes with discussing this puts most of us off. But that won’t help. And while I’m not guaranteeing safety, what I daresay is that you’d undoubtedly be in a better position to survive a crash than other passengers without any knowledge of doing so.  Just before we...



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