How to Store Salt 

How to store salt image

  I’m not sure that “how to store salt” was anyone’s to-do list while growing up, not even now as preppers. I mean, we discuss so much food stockpiling that we neglect some of the specific ingredients that require their special care. However, it’s easy to see things are changing. Salt is now becoming a more critical substance than we recognized it to be. It’s always been important; it’s always been our perception, and I attribute...

Best DIY Toothache Remedies

Best DIY Toothache Remedies Image

  Knowing beforehand the best DIY toothache remedies will ensure that you can care for your toothache anywhere you go. In the wild or wherever, you don’t have to bother about your prescription medicines with the DIY remedies we’ll look at below.  You can spend as long as you want in the wilderness without having to go nuts when your toothache resumes. You may also decide to make these remedies if your clinical treatments are not...

Renewable Ways to Grow Your Survival Foods

Renewable Ways to Grow Your Survival Foods Image

  Knowing the simple and renewable ways to grow your survival foods will solve some of the issues associated with long-term food storage in an SHTF scenario. Remember that storage is very pertinent in disasters, but what do we do to solve storage difficulties? Some of these problems are budget, storage space & the hunger for fresh produce.  The typical question many ask first on gardening is what to cultivate. While you always have the choice...

Important Preparations For an Economic Collapse

Important Preparations For an Economic Collapse Image

  With the fragile global economy, it’s necessary to pay attention to the important preparations for an economic collapse. In simpler words, I mean: what are the things to prepare for before the economy collapses? While several SHTF scenarios involving nature can be squeezed past due to our level of preparations, I daresay that an absolute economic collapse will change the lives of about everyone alive in ways never seen before.  The reason for this is...

Reasons to Know Thy Neighbor

Reasons to Know Thy Neighbor Image

  Of course, there are various reasons to know thy neighbor, particularly when the chips come falling. Knowing your neighbors is the basis of community preparedness, which I daresay is crucial to a locality’s survival when SHTF. Sure, as a prepper, a common line of thought is to obtain all necessary supplies, shut your doors & windows & hide in your basement. While this may work, it is not advisable when dealing with certain disasters, particularly...



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