Venomous Rattlesnakes of North America

venomous rattlesnakes of north America image

  Knowing the venomous rattlesnakes of North America beforehand will leave you in a better position to deal with any if you ever run into it. Better still, the knowledge will help you avoid them if you know you can’t deal with these crawlers when you meet them. This is a very crucial lesson to survival.   Top 10 Venomous Rattlesnakes Of North America   I would suggest that you spend more time surviving in snake-dense...

Roles of Goats Towards Self-sufficiency

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  The roles of goats towards self-sufficiency are all too underrated. A goat will very rarely be a top inclusion in the average prepper checklist, which is quite ironic given the noteworthy benefits we can get from these mammals.    Looking At 5 Roles of Goats Towards Self-sufficiency   If you’re keen on becoming self-sufficient, which has enough to cater to your needs and those of your family, then the earlier you started rearing goats, the...

Best Dogs For Hunting Birds

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  Looking at the best dogs for hunting birds beforehand will help you know which and which not to buy when you visit the local pet store. This is because even training a dog for common tasks is a difficult job (which you must see as a hobby), much more when you’re training them to hunt wings in flight. However, if you can buy the right dog for bird hunting when it is still young, you...

Mistakes To Avoid When Bugging Out

Mistakes To Avoid When Bugging Out

  Recognizing the mistakes to avoid when bugging out will ensure that you and your group don’t commit any of them when SHTF. Usually, crises can be testing due to the chaos that we find ourselves. However, you can make things easier for yourself if you’re prepared ahead. By knowing your weaknesses and where you are likely to fail now, you can work on these areas to ensure that you hold your head high when disaster...

Plants To Have In Your Survival Garden

Plants To Have In Your Survival Garden

  Knowing the right plants to have in your survival garden will save you from cultivating irrelevant crops, as well as going through unnecessary stress. Your survival garden is not quite what your idea of a garden has always been. Your basic idea of a garden must be “pristinely fostered beds with perfect, flourishing plants, devoid of weeds or disturbances.” Well, time to get that idea out or your head. We do not build a survival...



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