Top Procedures To Learn As A First Aider

Top Procedures To Learn As A First Aider Image

  Knowing the top procedures to learn as a first aider can be the only difference between life and death. Living is decided in that split second of knowledgeable action, but what if you don’t have the knowledge? That could be a life lost.    Top Procedures To Learn As A First aider As a first-aid worker, especially, it is compulsory that you know the techniques we’ll discuss below. It is your line of duty, isn’t...

Creating Your Survival Garden

Creating your survival garden image

  Creating your survival garden should be your major priority now. Here’s why…  In 2019, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) reported a shortfall in the harvest of essential crops like soybeans and wheat. In other words, crop production fell short of expectations. You wouldn’t have to worry if this was a one-off issue, but I doubt it is.  Recent research and studies are credibly suggesting that agriculture, crop planting especially, is under threat. This...

Preparing An Emergency Kit

preparing an emergency kit image

  Trust it when you read that preparing an emergency kit is more essential than you think. Remember that you cannot predict when a disaster will occur, or can you? You, therefore, need to be prepared ahead to make sure you and your family stay safe from whatever Mother Nature sends your way. That should emphasize the importance of an emergency kit.   Steps Before Preparing An Emergency Kit   To build a capable and useful...

Harvesting Rainwater As A Prepper

an image showing one of the systems used in harvesting rainwater as a prepper

  Harvesting rainwater as a prepper is just one of the wonderful things you’ll be doing. Remember that as a prepper, the aim is to be prepared for whatever comes your way. So, whatever it is, we are here to see you meet emergencies with your shoulders puffed and head held high. As a prepper, you have to value rainwater because we never know when there could be a water shortage. In these scenarios, you want...

How To Choose The Perfect Bug Out Location

bug out

Any prepper can tell you, when an SHTF event occurs, being in a rural location is not the ideal situation, However, if you have the desire and the resources required, scouting out a proper bug out site has many things to take into consideration. After all, when one thinks of it, the sole purpose of securing a bug out location is to safely remove you and your family, from the chaos and any danger that may...



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