What Should I carry in My Trauma Kit?

What Should I Carry In My Trauma Kit Image

  What should I carry in my trauma kit is a phrase that hits my inbox often. It is also common in comment boxes across survival sites. Carrying the right tools in your trauma kit can be the difference between life and death, but it would be impossible to do this without knowing what these tools are in the first place.  Note that carrying the appropriate trauma kit for the occasion is also very important. A...

Using The Legal System To Your Advantage

Using the Legal System to Your Advantage Image

  As preppers, using the legal system to your advantage has to be one of the greatest revenge you can have over the Government. Sounds pretty? Well, a little pettiness that you gain from isn’t a bad thing.  While you’re right to be wary of the legal system, it’s time you realized that you could bend some of these rules in your favor. If you know how to take advantage of the laws put in place,...

How To Tie The Arbor Knot

  Knowing how to tie the arbor knot can save you a lot of difficulties and extra gear carrying in the wild.  A harbor knot is tied with cordage, which is as important as any other piece of gear you may lack to the great outdoors. It is, after all, one of Dave Canterbury’s 5Cs of bushcrafting.  The harbor knot can be used for just about every purpose. However, let’s look at the reason to tie...

What Is The Best State For Homesteading

How to Choose the Best State for Homesteading Image

  Providing answers to the question, ‘what is the best state for homesteading’ requires knowing the factors to consider when selecting a state to carry out your homesteading. A state with relaxed laws and plenty of natural resources is more suitable for a homesteader than a state with uptight laws and scarce resources. You also have to consider the scenery that you’d appreciate the most: is it the captivating green forests, the silently overlooking hills, or...

What Should I Invest In As A Prepper

What Should I Invest in as a Prepper Image

  Questions like “what should I invest in as a prepper” have become more common following the coronavirus pandemic. And while some find this laughable, claiming that there are no investments specifically for preppers, I hold a different opinion. Actually, there are certain investments that true preppers should invest in and others that they shouldn’t.  Let me explain. As preppers, we are not exactly working towards the prevention of disasters. The best we can do in...



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