Starting A Backyard Flock

starting a backyard flock

With the recent resurgence in interest in the backyard chicken flock, it seems more and more people are choosing to seek out the simpler bygone ways of living, much like their ancestors.  Whether you own just one acre of land or hundreds of acres, you are sure to be sitting on all the makings of adding chickens. Although you will need to make sure you're zoned for a flock, and that your coops and feeding/watering setup...

Shooting From A Girl’s Perspective

Shooting From A Girl's Perspective

Shooting from a Girl’s Perspective is an article about this day and age and showing that owning a gun is not just for men. I’m a conservative woman in 2020. A lot has changed over the years. Before owing my first gun, I made sure my mindset was right. I took the right training courses and got my CCW (concealed carry weapon permit). Part of my practice is training with my gun often, keeping a record of when...

The 5 Best Semi-Automatic Rifles Overall

best semi-automatic rifles

The determination of the best semi-automatic rifle commonly lies in the needs and the preference of the gun owner.  As such, each semi-automatic rifle will possess its own accessories and inherently unique features. The question now is, how does one go about choosing the proper semi-automatic rifle for their needs? Admittedly, not by way of your standard gun list, as they usually take to publishing lists of the top ten survival rifles.  Those types of lists...

What You Need To Know About Purchasing Ammo Online

We live in a time when almost anything is available, including the purchasing of ammo online.  Whether the ammo is for a shotgun, a rifle, or a handgun, the selection available through online purchasing is almost unlimited. However, this availability of such a wide range can prove to make the purchasing of ammo to be a bit more challenging.  Whether you are looking to purchase your ammo from a manufacturer's website, a national store chain, or...

4 Ways To Test For Safe Drinking Water

One of the essential items, if you are going to last the long haul after an SHTF situation, is that of safe drinking water. When an SHTF type of event strikes, your first instinct will undoubtedly be to run and seek out safe shelter.  Once you have done that, and your adrenaline fades, you will then find that you need to access what you do and do not have to survive. You can only carry so...



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