8 Reasons Pepper Spray Is An Essential SHTF Weapon

SHTF weapon

Have you ever thought of Pepper Spray as an essential SHTF weapon? If not, you're about to.Many preppers solely rely on firearms for disaster preparedness. And although these can be useful, they’ve also got a lot of limitations on them (i.e: paperwork, permit requirements, government knowledge of your weapons, gun-free zones, etc). With this many restrictions it can be hard to utilize firearms as an all-around weapon for every situation.As you're about to see, there’s a much...

4 Reasons To Never Perform Surgery When SHTF

surgery when shtf

Regardless of how much you prepare, most people should NEVER perform surgery when SHTF. Why? For one, "prepping” doesn’t always mean doing EVERYTHING. And as you’re about to see, performing this SHTF task can do WAY more harm than good. It's true, preparation is essential for survival. However, survival also often entails knowing your limits. And this is one situation where you DON’T want to get in over your head. Check out these... 4 Reasons To Never...

How To Find The Best Bug Out Bag

best bug out bag

Want to find the best bug out bag to meet your needs? You're in the right spot. Every good prepper knows your bug out bag is one of the most essential survival tools you’ll have at your disposal when SHTF. If you need to get outta dodge these bags are crucial for storing your supplies and keeping you fed, hydrated, sheltered and ready for anything.Unfortunately, many preppers don’t know what to look for in a bug out...

How To Make Emergency Rations For Survival

how to make emergency rations

If you're preparing for SHTF, you'll want to learn how to make emergency rations for survival. There's no doubt about it. These emergency bars are excellent for emergencies. Since you're making them yourself, you're able to perfectly portion these rations to your liking. Not to mention, unlike canned and freeze-dried survival foods, these emergency rations require zero preparation, heating or boiling of water. All you have to do is unwrap, eat, and enjoy. What could be...

5 Ways To Save A Life In An Emergency

ways to save a life

There are lots of ways to save a life in an emergency. And the 5 we're about to talk about may be some of the most crucial (and applicable) in a survival situation. In a survival situation, there’s no guarantee you’ll have all the proper medical devices and personnel you need - especially when someone’s health goes under. And in cases like these it’s up to YOU to help that person stay alive. Now keep in...



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