Trump Calls Out “Woke” Corporations While Defending Budweiser


Former President Trump delivered a scathing critique on Tuesday, lambasting Bud Light for its ill-advised collaboration with a transgender influencer, which he claims resulted in a significant downturn in sales for the beer brand. In a fiery post on Truth Social, Trump labeled the partnership with TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney as a “massive blunder” and warned of impending consequences for companies deemed to be promoting “woke” agendas.

Asserting that Bud Light had paid a hefty price for its misstep, Trump vowed to compile a comprehensive list of corporations that have embraced woke ideology and hinted at making it public. “Anheuser-Busch may not be a woke company, but believe me, there are plenty out there that are,” he asserted, underscoring his commitment to exposing what he perceives as corporate virtue signaling.

Trump’s criticism stems from Bud Light’s controversial advertisement featuring Mulvaney, which sparked widespread backlash and prompted calls for a boycott of the brand. The decision to feature Mulvaney, who identifies as transgender, incensed many consumers, leading to a precipitous decline in sales and forcing some retailers to resort to giving away Bud Light for free.

The repercussions were swift and severe, with Modelo Especial seizing the top spot as the best-selling beer brand, relegating Bud Light to a humbling second place. Despite the company’s efforts to reverse its fortunes, including a high-profile Super Bowl advertisement featuring celebrity endorsements, Bud Light continues to struggle to regain its former market dominance.

In a surprising twist, Trump commended Anheuser-Busch for its contributions to the American economy, highlighting its substantial investments in agriculture and employment opportunities for tens of thousands of Americans, including military veterans. However, he questioned whether the company deserved a second chance in light of its association with woke culture.

The response from Trump’s political rivals was swift and dismissive, with Nikki Haley’s campaign denouncing his focus on the beer industry as a distraction from more pressing issues facing the nation. Haley’s spokesperson emphasized the need to address economic hardships facing American families, dismissing Trump’s critique as inconsequential in comparison.

As Trump continues to champion conservative values and challenge the encroachment of woke ideology in corporate America, the battle lines are drawn, setting the stage for a contentious debate over the future direction of the Republican Party and the nation as a whole.