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BOYCOTT NYC: Truckers Go To Bat For Trump


In a remarkable display of solidarity and conviction, a coalition of truckers, staunch supporters of former President Donald J. Trump, are making a profound statement by opting out of transporting goods to and from New York City. This collective action stems from a recent civil fraud verdict that imposed a substantial fine on President Trump and suspended his ability to conduct business in the state of New York.

At the forefront of this movement is “Chicago Ray,” a prominent figure within the trucking community, who has taken to social media platforms to articulate the sentiments resonating among his fellow truckers. Ray’s impassioned advocacy has galvanized several of his colleagues, who have expressed their solidarity by refusing delivery jobs in New York City, citing their vehement disagreement with the court’s ruling.

While on the surface, this may seem like a localized response to a legal matter, it symbolizes much more for these truckers. It represents a deeply held belief in President Trump’s innocence and a rejection of what they perceive as a politically motivated attack on a leader they view as a steadfast advocate for their interests and values.

This movement has not only captured the attention but also garnered the support of truckers from various corners of the country, underscoring a shared sentiment among those within the industry. The decision to boycott deliveries to New York City serves as a tangible expression of solidarity with President Trump and a stance against what they perceive as an unjust and biased legal system.

Furthermore, this collective action sheds light on the significant role that truckers play in shaping the economic landscape and their potential influence in broader societal and political matters. It underscores their recognition of the power they hold as key players in the transportation industry and their willingness to utilize it to advocate for the causes they believe in.

Beyond the immediate implications, this movement serves as a poignant reminder of the deep political divisions that continue to characterize American society. It highlights the enduring loyalty of certain segments of the population to their chosen leaders and the willingness of individuals to take a stand for what they perceive as fundamental principles and values.

Ultimately, for these truckers, their decision to abstain from transporting goods to New York City transcends mere business considerations—it is a resounding statement of solidarity, a reaffirmation of their unwavering support for President Trump, and a testament to the strength of their convictions as proud American truckers.



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Judge Threatens to Arrest Trump for Going to His Son’s Graduation


Donald Trump, often maligned by his critics, has demonstrated one undeniable truth throughout his public life: he is a devoted and exceptional father. Observing him with his children—Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron—reveals a man who is not only proud but profoundly nurturing. This connection with his children, built on respect and genuine affection, is something that any parent can recognize as authentic and admirable.

Amidst his many battles, the commitment Trump shows to his family life remains unshakeable, even as he faces an unprecedented and, many would argue, highly politicized trial. It’s utterly disheartening to see how low his opponents are willing to stoop in their pursuit to tarnish his image—so much so, that they would even suggest jailing him should he decide to attend his youngest son Barron’s graduation. This insinuation by Justice Juan Merchan is not only absurd but strikes at the heart of basic human decency.

Consider the sheer joy and pride a parent feels witnessing their child achieve a milestone like graduation. Barron, having grown up under the intense scrutiny of his father’s high-profile career, deserves to celebrate his graduation day with both his parents by his side, without the shadow of political vendettas darkening this important family moment.

The trumped up case against Trump, centered around alleged hush money related to an encounter with Stormy Daniels, is based on alleged actions that took place long before he entered the political arena. If we examine this scenario critically, it’s clear that this is a common enough practice among the elite to protect personal and family privacy. Yet, it’s portrayed as a sinister plot solely because Trump is the individual involved. This represents a glaring double standard, especially when compared to how similar situations have been handled with other public figures.

Let’s not forget, Bill Clinton, while President, engaged in far more directly compromising behavior, yet faced no criminal trial. His ability to attend his daughter Chelsea’s graduation and celebrate this occasion publicly was never questioned or jeopardized by his legal entanglements or the moral judgments of others.

It’s a stark illustration of the hypocrisy and bias that drives the actions of those who oppose Trump at every turn. This trial, and the drama surrounding his ability to participate in his son’s graduation, underscores a broader attempt to undermine him in the most personal and painful ways.

Should the situation arise where Trump is barred from attending Barron’s graduation, he should undoubtedly prioritize his paternal duties. Such an act would likely resonate with many Americans who value family and parental rights, potentially rallying more support for Trump in any future endeavors, including elections.

In the end, Trump’s enduring commitment to his family, despite the relentless attacks against him, not only humanizes him but also exemplifies his resilience and dedication. It’s essential to recognize and commend his role as a father amidst the tumult of political strife.



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Trump Demands Biden Pass Drug Test


Former President Donald Trump boldly asserted on Thursday that President Joe Biden must undergo a rigorous drug test before any potential 2024 presidential debates, citing concerns over Biden’s apparent lack of cognitive clarity. Trump also didn’t hold back, suggesting that Biden appeared “higher than a kite” during the onset of his recent State of the Union address.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, a prominent radio host and former director of the United States Office of Personnel Management, Trump expressed his unwavering readiness to debate Biden “anywhere” and “anytime,” while casting doubt on Biden’s willingness to engage in such a showdown.

“I don’t think so, but I hope he does,” Trump remarked skeptically regarding Biden’s potential agreement to debates.

Trump then raised eyebrows by speculating about a peculiar occurrence during Biden’s State of the Union address, insinuating a possible connection to a prior incident involving a suspicious white powder found in the White House.

“I think what happened is you know that white stuff that they happened to find, which happened to be cocaine in the White House, I don’t know, I think something’s going on there because I watched this State of the Union, and he was all jacked up at the beginning,” Trump asserted. “By the end, he was fading fast. There’s something going on there. I want to debate. And I think debates, with him, at least, should be drug tested. I want a drug test.”

When pressed further on whether he was accusing Biden of cocaine use, Trump maintained, “I don’t know what he’s using,” while emphasizing that Biden appeared significantly energized during the State of the Union, suggesting a discrepancy from his usual demeanor.

Criticizing Biden’s performance during the address, Trump described it as the “worst address” he had ever witnessed, citing Biden’s failure to adequately represent the nation’s interests.

Turning to Biden’s uncharacteristic vigor during the State of the Union, Trump remarked, “Obviously, he’s being propped up somehow because most of the time, he looks like he’s falling asleep, and all of a sudden he walked up there and did a poor job, but he was all jacked up.”

Trump’s remarks followed a previous incident in which cocaine was discovered in a White House locker last July. Although the discovery led to a temporary evacuation and an investigation by the Secret Service, it was ultimately closed due to insufficient evidence, raising questions among Trump supporters about potential attempts to cover up wrongdoing.



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Trump Slams Biden’s Mexico Policy: “Not One Dime”


In a blistering indictment of the Biden administration’s foreign policy, former President Trump unleashed a barrage of criticism during his appearance on “One Nation” with Brian Kilmeade, lambasting the utter lack of respect shown by foreign leaders towards President Biden.

In an exclusive interview on the conservative powerhouse program “Fox & Friends,” Kilmeade grilled Trump about Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s recent interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi.

Kilmeade pressed, “On ‘60 Minutes,’ the president of Mexico says, ‘We’re not going to shut down our border until you change your policy on Cuba and change your policy on Venezuela.’ Is it OK for the Mexican president to dictate American policy?”

Trump, with his signature no-nonsense approach, didn’t hold back. “Well, he said much more than that. He said he wants $10 billion essentially just to talk, $10 billion to talk, and that’s come out since, and no, that wouldn’t happen with me, with the wall.”

The former President’s remarks exposed the brazen audacity of Mexico’s demands, highlighting a stark lack of respect for President Biden’s leadership. “It’s crystal clear: a lack of respect for the president. They would never dare utter such demands to me. They wouldn’t even think about it. They’re asking for $10 billion a year, Mexico just demanded $10 billion a year. That’s not how you negotiate. I wouldn’t give them 10 cents,” Trump asserted.

In the “60 Minutes” interview, López Obrador reiterated his demands to the Biden administration, including lifting sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela, sending $20 billion in annual aid to Latin American and Caribbean countries, and granting legal status to Mexican illegal immigrants in the U.S. The Mexican president’s brazen stance suggested that the floodgates of migrants would remain open until his demands were met.

Trump concluded the interview with a chilling prediction, sounding the alarm on the critical nature of upcoming elections. “Mark my words, the fate of our nation hangs in the balance come November 5th. Our country is spiraling downward, and unless drastic changes are made, we’re on the brink of losing it all.”

The interview serves as a damning indictment of the Biden administration’s feckless approach to foreign policy, juxtaposed against Trump’s robust and unwavering stance on international affairs.



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