The Top Five Folding Knives Out There

If you’re finding yourself in the market for a new folding knife but don’t want just any old knife, then take a look at this list.  Presented here are the best of the best, and crème of the crop—the best knives out there.

A knife can be a very individual purchase, and as such, each individual looks for specifics in the one they choose.  With all the knives out there today, it is hard to narrow down all the available options.  However, we have done our best, from budget-friendly to high class, to show you the top seven folding knives on the market. 

It is worth mentioning that most purchasing consumers already know what they are looking for in a folding knife.  We are just presenting a few possible options to aid you in your search.

Benchmade Bugout

There is no denying when this folding knife hit the market, it took the world pretty much by storm.  The Bugout has no doubt made its mark in the world, offering not only a budget-friendly price but also being an ultralight and the perfect size.  The fact that the CPM-S30V has not only a steel blade but also the beloved Axis lock should not surprise anyone.  Simply put, you can not go wrong with this epic tool.

  • Weight:  1.85 oz
  • Made in the USA

Spyderco Paramilitary 3 Lightweight

With the current trend towards lightweight knives, the Para 3 Lightweight is in good company.  Unlike its predecessors, the Para 3 feature weight decreasing polymer handle scales, which in turn prevents the sacrificing of both strength and performance.  The Para 3 comes standard with a wire deep-carry pocket clip.  

  • Weight: 2.50 oz
  • Made in the USA

Kershaw Mini Natrix

The Natrix is the slightly smaller little brother to the Zero Tolerance 0770.  The fact that this knife is more modest means that the price is lower as well, making it the perfect sized folding knife for EDC.  Being copper clad, the Natrix is ideal as a gift or a collection folder.  Soon to come are the full-size versions of Copper Natrix and Copper Natrix XL.

  • Weight:  3.70 oz
  • Made in China

CIVIVI Elementum

Due to its spectacular design, its dependable action, and it’s all-around affordability, the popularity of the Elementum has increased quickly in the knife community.  Available with a choice of handle scales—G-10, copper, brass, or wood—there is sure to be an Elementum suited for almost all styles and preferences.  Suitable as an everyday carry choice, the Elementum pivot is super-smooth, and the blade is hollow ground and razor-sharp. 

  • Weight: 2.89 oz
  • Made in China

CRKT Pilar

Undeniably as popular as it is distinctive, the CRKT Pilar accommodates the tiniest to the largest of hands.  Many non-knife aficionados seem to fear a folding knife. However, the Pilar appears not to evoke as much of that fear.  The Pilar is the more popular of knives on this list and, as such, expected to remain that way for quite some time. 

  • Weight:  4.20 oz
  • Made in China


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