Who’s In Your Survival Tribe?

survival tribe

You may not have heard of a survival tribe… but I guarantee you it’s one of the most crucial things to have in an emergency situation.

There’s the old saying: “You are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with.”

And that couldn’t be more true than in a crisis.

The fact is, your survival tribe (or survival/bug out group) will absolutely make or break your success when SHTF.

That’s because each person in your survival tribe has, ideally, a specific set of skills. And when those skills come together, your group can learn from each other, share diverse experiences, and become one of the most powerful forces on earth.

However, if you choose the wrong tribe (or the wrong tribe chooses you), it could be disastrous. If you partner up with people who don’t have any (or very little) survival skills, or if you pick people that aren’t willing to collaborate and only want things done their way, well… you’ll be in a world of hurt when the SHTF.

Luckily, you still have time to handpick your survival tribe. And to help you, I’ve created this list of some of the most desirable people you’ll want and need in your group to keep yourselves alive.

Read the content below, and think very, very carefully about the following question…

Who’s In Your Survival Tribe?

1 – The Teacher

Ever have a professor, a parent, or a friend try to explain something to you, only to have you both wind up angry, frustrated, and feeling hopeless?

Yeah. Me too.

That’s why it is absolutely crucial that you have someone in your survival tribe who can explain things well, and teach patiently. That’s because survival situations are some of the most stressful on the planet. And tensions will be running high.

You’ll need someone who can be patient with you as they teach you their survival skills. This person should also be able to interpret and translate other people’s survival methods, so that everyone can learn.

Even more, you’ll need someone who is experienced with kids and is good with them. Not only will this prove they have immense patience (sorry, kiddos), but could also come in handy if there’s little ones in the group.

2 – The Doctor

This one should be completely obvious, but it’s always surprising to me how many preppers don’t know their way around something as basic as a first-aid kit.

And not just that – most preppers have absolutely no medical background or experience, turning them into a deer in headlights once someone gets seriously hurt.

Now I understand we all didn’t grow up longing to go to medical school (helloooo, student debt). However, that’s why it’s imperative you befriend someone now that did.

This person should have the know-how and experience for treating a large array of minor wounds and major wounds (including bandaging, disinfecting, and stitching up).

He/she should also be well-versed in survival knowledge, such as knowing how various medications affect the body, and identifying natural herbs and plants to use for healing.

I promise you, this medical expertise can only help you in a crisis, and will probably save the life of at least one member of your party.

3 – The Shepherd

Animal husbandry (the science of breeding/caring for farm animals) is an essential practice that goes hand-in-hand with survival. And nobody knows that better than the shepherd.

The shepherd in your group must be well-practiced in successfully caring for a variety of farm animals, including pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, rabbits, dogs, and farm birds. Don’t know why this matters? Click here.

A good shepherd understands how to take care of these animals, as well as how to feed them and keep them out of danger. He/she also knows the best ways to kill, skin, dress, and prepare them if need be.

In addition, this person should be an experienced fisherman, and be able to skin, cook, and season fish.

The shepherd should also ideally know information about animals native to your area, and how to kill them (or avoid them) if necessary.

If you want to eat (and eat well) on your bug out trip, make sure this person is included in your survival tribe.

4 – The Criminal

Ok, the name is a bit overboard… but you must have someone in your group who’s a bit rebellious. It also help if he/she isn’t too quick to trust the government, and feels that bending the rules is a must for survival.

This person is crucial to your survival tribe for a couple of reasons:

#1 – This person already has a creative and adventurous mindset, and can likely help you get out/talk yourselves out of a sticky situation.

#2 – If SHTF, you can bet the government will bring the hammer down. You need this person alongside you to evade the law and gain as many resources as possible for survival.

5 – The Repairman

Know that saying, “When it rains, it pours?” Well, that couldn’t be more true of things breaking in a survival situation.

Seems like, generally, when one thing breaks, so does another. And another. Therefore, you need a repairman to keep things in working order.

This person should ideally have the skills/know-how to fix a variety of survival tools and machinery. Fixing cars is another important ability the repairman will need to have – especially if you plan on depending on your bug out vehicle.

Ideally, this person should also have an engineer’s mind, and be curious how to take things apart and put things back together.

Due to their patience and insight, it’s likely he/she could help your group make and build things they’ll need for survival.

6 – The Ex-Military Man/Woman

This person has experience in the military, and has served in a highly ranked position. They often have tons of experience in combat, and knowledge of defensive strategies that will come in handy.

He/she is also typically responsible, dependable, and disciplined. He/she is able to assess risks, and get into the enemy’s head. They are also typically quite good at leadership, and can help direct the group.

7 – The Communications Specialist

When you’re in a survival situation, you’ll need to know everything that’s going on in the outside world. And if you don’t have a working phone or computer, this can prove quite difficult.

Thankfully, knowing how to use a smartphone is not enough for the communications specialist.

This prepper understands and uses a wide array of communicational devices, such as ham radios, weather alert radios, and 2-way radios.

This is one person you absolutely need in your survival tribe. By being able to access the latest breaking news, you can plan and execute your next steps effectively.

8 – The Counselor

You may have raised an eyebrow at this, but I promise you it’s worth it to keep this person around.

The fact is in a survival situation tensions will be running high, people will get panicky, and fights/arguments are bound to break out. People tend to lose their head in a crisis, and things can go south quickly in a desperate situation.

However, the counselor is patient, kind, and empathetic. This person has a listening ear and is able to sit with you and understand how each person is feeling and where they are coming from.

They are great at resolving conflict, and are able to hold people accountable for their actions, without showing favoritism and bias.

This person is also steady, and near unshakeable in times of trouble (a HUGE asset).


Well there you have it – eight people you definitely need in your survival tribe. Are these the ONLY people you’ll need when SHTF? Probably not, but it’s a good start.

Now the next step is to find these people. If you know them, get to know them better. If you don’t, get to know some new friends, and ask them questions. They may just be the very person you’ve been looking for to add to your survival tribe.

The more you know (and the better the people around you), the better off you’ll be. Remember – Prepare Now, Survive Later!