Which TV Preppers Should You Trust?

Seems like TV preppers are popping up left and right across the networks. And all of them appear to be claiming that they are the best, and have all the facts about how to do survival successfully.

However, the issue is that, many times, the prepping advice given is conflicting from other TV personalities. And, especially if you’re new to prepping, this can be particularly frustrating.

The key is to find a few TV preppers that you connect with and who give you sage advice. Then, stick to their wisdom, and delve deeply into their practices.

It should be noted that nobody is perfect. You may find that even your favorite TV preppers do things a little differently (or less efficiently) than you would.

So the real question is… who are the best TV preppers to follow? After all, some of them out there have terrible advice, and many of the shows are only around for pure entertainment value.

No… you need a TV show that will provide you accurate information and salient advice. Things that can really help you when the SHTF. You need people that will go to the craziest, most dangerous places in the world and teach you how to survive.

I’m on your side – and it’s my job to help you get prepared and hone your skills for a crisis. That’s why I want to help you answer the question…

Which TV Preppers Should You Trust?

1 – Survivorman

Armed with only his camera and possibly a few tools, Les Stroud heads into the wilderness to teach viewers how to survive. Les Stroud is a popular and knowledgeable outdoorsman and survival expert.

2 – I Shouldn’t Be Alive

“I Shouldn’t Be Alive” recounts the true events of people’s lives as they were caught in horrific survival situations. True to its title, these true stories depict how these incredible people survived very real circumstances… and lived to tell about them.

3 – Man vs. Wild

In “Man vs. Wild,” survivalist and adventurer Bear Grylls isolates himself in remote areas (such as a forest, desert, or mountains) and uses a wide array of techniques and skills in order to survive. He then attempts to make it back to civilization, which often results in Grylls attempting some very technical and/or dangerous feats.

4 – Out Of The Wild: The Alaska Experiment

“Out of the Wild” follows nine volunteers as they struggle to survive in the harsh Alaskan terrain. Armed with only the clothes on their back and a few supplies, they’ll have to learn to hunt, build shelters, and keep themselves warm amidst freezing temperatures.

This is an excellent show to follow, as none of these volunteers are seasoned survivalists. This gives preppers a good idea of what life may be like (and how they may react) if they haven’t experienced a bug-out crisis thus far.

5 – Ray Mears: Extreme Survival

In “Extreme Survival,” survival expert Ray Mears ventures into some of the most inhospitable locations around the globe. Mears teaches life-saving survival techniques throughout his journeys, and shares incredible (and informational) survival stories of some of his most menacing experiences.

Well there you have it – 5 of the best TV shows and TV preppers to watch to help you prepare for an emergency. Unfamiliar with some of these? Well, luckily, most all of them are on Netflix and YouTube. I would encourage you to watch at least a few episodes of each of these to get acquainted with each TV prepper’s style, knowledge and expertise.

Make sure to watch a few survival episodes filmed in various parts of the world. This way, you can get acquainted with the dangers you’ll come across and the survival tools you’ll need in any kind of environment.

Get started now in order to start preparing yourself for disaster. Remember – when you Prepare Now, you’re much more likely to Survive Later!


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