Weird Weapons Around The World

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When discussing weird weapons around the world, Bruce Lee’s famous (or infamous) Nunchucks have to come up, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered how to swing that pair of wooden sticks to take down a sea of men? Or have your thoughts centered on Indiana Jones’ bullwhip? 

Well, whichever your thoughts have been on, we’ll look at some weird weapons around the world, including seeing how you could wield them like an expert as well.


6 Weird Weapons Around The World


Knowing how to use some of these weird weapons will offer you versatility when a fight breaks out. You do not have to be defenseless if you’re without a gun or knife. Let’s see six weird weapons you’re likely to come across when you travel across the world.




Nunchucks were the commonest weapons in the classic martial arts pictures, although their popularity is chiefly down to Bruce Lee, who swung the sticks as if he were blinking his eyes. The weapon is simple in construction: two wooden handles linked by a chain or string. By swinging the handles in half & full circles, you become unapproachable… whoever comes close receives a hit, and oh boy, nunchucks are painful! A single strike of the nunchucks in the hands of an expert is more than enough to drop down a full-grown man. They are available in different sizes, shapes, colors & styles but are usually more efficient according to how simple they are.

Gripping the nunchucks is done high up, just by the connecting chain or string between the handles. The first lesson commonly learned with nunchucks is to know how to hold and flick out of the armpit with a quick wrist jerk. You should hold the handle so that the other flips out & downwards, forming an act that causes it to go back into your armpit – thus reloading with every swing. Be careful with nunchucks; they can be quite deadly even to the wielder if wrongly used.




Bullwhips aren’t the commonest weapons you’ll find around, but they are undoubtedly useful. Indiana Jones surely used his work wonders. You must be extremely cautious, though: the strike from a bullwhip is deadly enough to tear into the skin deeply. So, you have to do a lot of practice before switching to 100% full-throttle mode.

Usually, the crack caused by a bullwhip is a result of a small explosion due to the sound barrier breaking, much like when a jet goes faster than the speed of sound and causes a blast loud enough to shatter windows. The concept behind the whip is to switch the tip’s direction fast enough that it exceeds the speed of sound & causes that little break in the sound barrier. So, most times, a bullwhip’s strikes go in a particular direction before reversing that movement swiftly. This takes time to become good, but soon as you do, you can add Jones to your names: time to swing the whip!



Slings are ancient weapons. If you remember the popular David and Goliath’s story, a slingshot was all it took to drop the giant. That’s the thing about slings: they are simple yet exceptionally effective. It’s as though one were pulling the trigger. A sling is designed to sling projectiles (like stones) with tremendous force. Basically, the construction is two cords of equal length joined with a pouch in the middle. 

To use, load the blunt projectile snugly into the pouch and, gripping both ends in one hand, twirl the sling above your head to gather momentum and when you feel you’ve gained enough, let one end of the swing go while holding tightly onto the other. For all of the sling’s simplicity, though, accuracy is often a common issue. So, you will have to practice a lot before knowing the right time to release the shot. But soon as you become accurate with it, the sling can be remarkably deadly.




Macuahuitl is a bladed paddle, most commonly used amongst the earliest American civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans. Essentially, it is a wooden paddle featuring brief obsidian blades on the edges. The intervals between these blades are usually short. The macuahuitl was chiefly used like an ax or a sword and is thrust towards the enemy with the intent of ripping into and through flesh. Perhaps you’re unaware; obsidian blades are among the sharpest steels on earth. As a matter of fact, they are so sharp that they dice through various materials molecularly. They are, therefore, common in the medical field.




If my guess is good, you’ve heard of and even handled a boomerang, as they are more common to come across. The Australian aboriginals invented this longtime technique of projectile tech as a hunting tool. While modern-day boomerangs are well-known for their ability to return to the thrower, they initially used to fly outwards & upwards. Due to the hunter’s precision, they will strike down an unsuspecting game from above. 

However, if you’re not interested in a fanciful display, you can throw the boomerang directly at your target. Perhaps you may already know: a boomerang is also an excellent weapon for self-defense. If chucked at an assailant, it can strike with sufficient force to damage the skin. It can be equally deadly if swung like a cub.




The Chinese clan is synonymous with strange weapons, courtesy of their famous Kung Fu. Just so you know, most of their weapons look great to inflict some damage on yourself in the name of using them. As you may be expecting, the Emeici is one of such weapons. 

Fundamentally, emeici is a pair of pointed rods affixed to the hands through rings. To use, one has to spin & manipulate the rings in complex techniques and patterns. I don’t suppose that I want to describe how to use this weapon because it is dangerous, even to you. You can watch videos online and be very careful not to hurt yourself.

Concluding The Weird Weapons Across The World


There are other weird weapons across the world; I suppose this is why we say the earth is quite odd. Tonfa and Chakram are also weapons you do not come across daily but will nonetheless be useful whenever you do — provided you’re the wielder and not at the receiving end.