6 Easy Ways To Make Money For Prepping

ways to make money

Let’s be real here – most all of us need to learn some extra ways to make money for prepping.

Prepping is a fun, easy, and necessary pastime to prepare for an upcoming emergency. However, the fact is many preppers are struggling to make ends meet, and many don’t have enough discretionary income to spend on lots of extra preps.

However, there are a variety of ways to make money on the side – even if you have kids and a full-time job. By finding a little extra time on the side (such as nights, weekends, etc.) you can build up a savings account little by little to help you get prepared.

Now keep in mind you may not make millions (or even thousands) off these ideas. However, money adds up. Even if you pick up an extra $10 or $20, that money (or even part of it) can still help go toward increasing your preps.

It’s also important to remember that the info below is by no means a comprehensive list. However, it’s meant to help you start thinking of even more ideas to thicken your wallet.

You don’t necessarily need to go out and get a second full-time job to get your family prepared for when SHTF. That’s why it’s important to know about these…

6 Easy Ways To Make Money For Prepping

1 – Teach A Skill

The cool thing is every one of us is good at SOMETHING. And chances are, if you’ve been in the prepping world for any amount of time, you have something to contribute to others.

That’s why you should start charging individuals or groups for your teaching services. Choose an area of prepping that you’re knowledgable about (i.e: first-aid, sewing, fishing, stockpiling, hunting, map reading, etc.) and then teach others how to do it.

You can also teach skills that don’t have to do with prepping directly, such as computer programming or painting.

Teach a few classes, and you’ll be amazed at how the money adds up. You’ll also be surprised at how many cool people you meet in the process.

2 – Turn Your Hobbies Into Cash

If you enjoy doing crafts, woodworking, building things, sewing, etc. these hobbies are excellent ways to make money on the side. By making a few items, you can start a small amount of inventory you can sell to make some extra cash.

A great way to sell things like these is online. Websites such as Pinterest, Etsy, Craigslist and eBay can help you boost your side-business and gain some new customers.

If you prefer to stay off the computer, you can sell your items to boutique shops or antique malls, or bring your inventory to sell at a farmer’s market or flea market.You can also distribute flyers advertising your goods around town.

3 – Charge For Services

Are you experienced in fixing cars? Are you a loving caregiver that can watch the neighbor’s kids for a few hours? How about a knowledgable dog walker?

By finding a skill you’re already good at and enjoy, you can offer your services to your friends, family, neighborhood and community to make a few extra bucks. Plus, if you charge less than large companies do for their services, you’re more likely to gain a few extra customers.

You can advertise your services through flyers, by posting your skills on sites such as Angie’s List, or notifying your neighbors through the Nextdoor app. The possibilities are almost endless.

4 – Start Dealing Firearms

You don’t need a big brick and mortar shop to be a firearms dealer. In fact, you can often buy, trade or sell guns at flea markets. Although this is legal in many areas, it’s important to check your city’s regulations to make sure you’re complying with your specific city/state laws. You may also need to get an FFL (Federal Firearms License) in order to make this practice worthwhile.

5 – Sell Your Farm-Fresh Produce

This is one of the easiest ways to make money if you’re a rural prepper. If you’ve got livestock and a survival garden, you know how delicious farm-fresh eggs, meat, milk, fruits, and vegetables can be.

But there’s no reason to keep it all for yourself. By selling this produce to your neighbors and local community, you can charge what you want and make a pretty good profit.

Plus, you can make it worth their while by teaching them how to store this produce for an extra long time. For example, they can store farm-fresh eggs on the counter instead of the fridge to make them last longer. They can also preserve meat in a variety of ways (read our blogs here and here to learn more).

Once the neighbors taste your home-grown foods, they’re sure to be back for more!

6 – Rent Out A Room

One of the hottest travel trends right now is to use Airbnbs. These allow travelers to rent out a house (or a bedroom) in the destination of their choosing. So, if you’ve got a bedroom (or multiple) you aren’t using, why not rent it out to people?

Now like I said, the above list is not a comprehensive one. And I understand that even by using some (or all) of these ideas, you’re probably not going to make millions or be able to retire.

That’s why it’s important to be smart with the money you do have. For instance, many people don’t realize that prepping doesn’t have to mean buying a ton of expensive gear, food, and supplies to survive. In fact, you can be smart AND thrifty with your preps, buying much of it second-hand, or for cheap.

Watch the three videos below for helpful tips on prepping with a budget. This info may just save your life – as well as your finances! Prepare Now so that you can Survive Later!