Using The Legal System To Your Advantage

Using the Legal System to Your Advantage Image


As preppers, using the legal system to your advantage has to be one of the greatest revenge you can have over the Government. Sounds pretty? Well, a little pettiness that you gain from isn’t a bad thing. 

While you’re right to be wary of the legal system, it’s time you realized that you could bend some of these rules in your favor. If you know how to take advantage of the laws put in place, you can limit expenses and protect your privacy better. 

Here are a few ways to be a step ahead of the law.

Ways to Use the Legal System to Your Advantage

OpSec and Anonymity — Optimizing the Corporate Veil


Assume that you have a bugout location in a small town far to where you currently live. You probably have secured this property for long, and someone’s becoming curious. This person may just look up the property in the local records to connect the dots. But this is only so easy if the property was bought directly in your name. What if it wasn’t?

It would be much more difficult or impossible to trace your property to you if you form a corporation or LLC with an entirely different name from yours to buy the property. I don’t have to emphasize the importance of creating this corporation in an unrelated name to yours.

While some states can allow a person with clearance to find out the person who owns a corporation, others like Nevada, Delaware, and New Mexico do not disclose the identity of a company owner. That’s true anonymity. 

Whichever though, it is much preferable to buying the property directly under your name. And hey, you can buy vehicles, equipment and what else through this method.

More OpSec and Anonymity — Taking Advantage of the Updated Privacy Laws


New privacy regulations like the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) give you the power to demand that tech firms delete data that have been gathered on you over the years.

This enables you to correct past mistakes like posting sensitive information on social media. Keep in mind that deleting a post online does not mean it is no longer in the database of these firms. You have to request that they delete it yourself.

Cutting Down Your Taxes through Canned Goods


Canned goods are an important part of prepping. However, they have to be cycled regularly, which means replacing expired ones with fresher supplies.

You may have done this previously by throwing them away or eating them (which would be impossible if you have a large pile). So, what do you do?

Donate them to the local food bank, and you’ll get a tax write-off. That’s a win-win for you and the society. You know you’re helping others and paying less taxes while at it. 

Conclusion on Using the Legal System to Your Advantage


Using the legal system to your advantage is not an illegal act. You are merely following state laws to do yourself better. Who would have expected the State to make favorable laws for preppers? They don’t. But you make them favorable.