Tips To Have The Best Time At Home in case of a Second Lockdown

Tips to Have the Best Time at Home in Case of a 2nd Lockdown Image

Tips to Have the Best Time at Home in Case of a 2nd Lockdown


With the 2nd wave of Covid-19 going around town, it becomes necessary to look at the best tips to have the best time at home in case of a 2nd lockdown. I suppose you know why already. A second absolute lockdown is starting to be a matter of “when” and not “if.” That may mean months & months of becoming sitting ducks at home —again.

7 Practical Tips to Have the Best Time at Home in Case of a 2nd Lockdown


The situation is quite dicey. We have to keep safe from this supposedly deadlier wave of Covid-19. Despite how much we hate to be locked in, we do know it may be necessary. Hopefully, it won’t be for long — there’s already a vaccine in place. 

So, let’s wait for some weeks and see what follows, but as we wait, we have to look at the various ways to prep your home for social distancing. General health is part of prepping, too, isn’t it?

Establish an Office Space


Several people lost their jobs in the first lockdown & there’s a feeling that many more will do in this second wave — if it is implemented. So, it pays to be proactive. A prepper should never be caught off guard twice by the same opponent. If you still have a job (which I’m hoping you like), then you must be able to work fine without much distractions, and there’s no better way to do this than having a convenient spot in the home dedicated to the purpose.

Sure, working from home can be difficult for some professions, but it is always possible — as long as you aren’t a physical worker. Forget the difficult part of it. Get down to making everything easier & more organized. Invest in gear (equipment) that will make work faster & more enjoyable. It could be better Wi-Fi, a standing desk, or an ergonomic office chair.

Make Things Cozy at Home


Keeping in mind that you may have to spend a lengthy period at home, you should rearrange items to make the home cozier. You can start by moving furniture or simply rearranging them such that there’s a lot of floor space for other purposes. 

This will help you feel freedom physically & mentally (that a cramped room wouldn’t). If there’s enough cash to spare (that you can spend without getting into trouble), buy some additional silky throws, a few fluffy pillows, a fine rug, decorative curtains & one or two squishy blankets to set things up.

Include Natural Light


A simple project such as installing an additional window letting in natural light will give your home the feeling brought by outdoor walks. It may be the gentle breeze that you’re used to as you stroll around or just the brilliant sun as it glimmers above. Whichever it is, a simple window that’s set up in a way to let in natural light will do the trick. In fact, if you miss the rainfall, this window can give you access to it. 

If you don’t have enough to do this, I suggest that you become used to dressing down pre-installed windows for more light. You honestly have no reason to cover them every now & then since you’re always home. If possible, rearrange the furniture so that you can sit facing the source of natural light in the room.

Be Ready for Medical Emergencies


As a prepper, this is always expected, so you shouldn’t have a difficult time setting this up at all. Check your box to ensure you have all essential materials now  & get them if you’re out of any. Check with your doctor also to get your prescription drugs, if any. When you do this, you can make sure that:

  • You have a list of personal contacts you can reach in emergencies. This is especially important if you stay alone and/or have health issues beneath the surface. This list is best made up of trusted friends, family, relatives, or neighbors who know your condition.


  • You have to know your doctors’ details, such as home, office & emergency phone numbers & addresses where they can be reached. Your medical records, and insurance providers’ info, can also be essential. Keep these docs in a location that is easily accessible to a trusted person.

Get some Indoor Plants


If you have a survival garden somewhere in your backyard already, you may not need to make extra purchases. Just read on the best crops to move indoors & how to do so, and you’re fine. But if otherwise, then you should quickly get some. I have my reasons for this insistence.

First, indoor plants are usually pretty to look at, so they always improve the aesthetics of your home. Second, they keep the indoor air purified as they try to avoid dying. Third, they could pass for pets that you tend to & care for as a family — thus generating a sense of purpose regardless of how bad things are.

However, if you think the stress of tending these plants will be too much, you can settle for dried plants that need no care but would still add color & beauty to your home. 

Stockpile Hygiene Products


Again, you should be prepared for this. Gather enough hygiene products, but do not take it to the extreme. Stock up hand soap that will be enough for at least two months. Buy more concentrated laundry detergents, shampoos & other bathroom cleaning materials. 

Female hygiene products are equally important, if not more. Also, let’s not forget items for the kitchen. And lastly, if there’s a baby in the family, get more formula, diapers, baby wipes & you-know-what.

Stockpile Foods


As important as this is, I’ve deliberately left it this low as there’s no prepper that wouldn’t have a pantry or food for emergencies. All I should say here is that you assess the stockpile to see where there are shortcomings. Are there any expired foods? Are the storage conditions still ideal? Is the family lacking any part of its diet? Answer these questions upon supervising your stocked up foods & buy if you have to. Honey, milk, dehydrated rice & many more are foods to have in your stockpile.

Concluding The Tips to Have the Best Time at Home in Case of a 2nd Lockdown


With a well-defined & equipped work station, a cozy setting, nature to look at & enough supplies to get through, you do not have to lose your sparkles at home. Lest I forget, a workout space is recommended too. So, you don’t come out weighing over 200 pounds, plus gather lots and lots of games to play. 

Keep fully to the tips to have the best time at home in case of a 2nd lockdown mentioned above, and you’ll surely find your stay at home this time thoroughly enjoyable & productive.