Tips For Survival Fishing

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Knowing the tips for survival fishing may be your only means of feeding on a night out in the wild when you’re without most provisions. 

You may think, why fishing? Well, berries and fruits are not rich sources of protein and don’t do much when you’re feeding to gain energy. Hunting can be difficult too. Nearly every animal can outrun you. It comes down to what’s more suitable for the occasion and easier to get.

5 Good Tips For Survival Fishing


Always Choose Gill Nets


Wherever you’re fishing, whether, in the wild or a lake, your first choice has to be full nets. Sure, they are slightly challenging, but they are the most effective. To make an improvised version, find some thin ropes (or Cordage) and tie heavy stones to one end of the ropes, connecting them in a criss-cross manner. All done. 

When you want to fish, throw the side of the net with stones into the water. It sinks and traps fishes easily. Much easier than ordinary nets. 

Dip Nets Make Things Easier


Any form of net makes matters easier, and dip nets are no exception. 

These are also called hand nets. They are smaller than the gill net and have a handle that allows you to hold them with one hand. They, however, do not do much in deep waters. 

They are most effective in shallow waters with small fishes. Dip in water containing a swarm of fishes and pull up immediately to catch as many as possible. 

Spears Are Helpful Too


Spears are the primal method of fishing and have been in use since the days of the pioneers. 

So, when you are in the wilderness and are without other tools to use, or you’d just rather go the way of your ancestors, all you need to do is find a sturdy wooden stick and sharpen one end, so it looks like a spear. 

Spears work best in clear or shallow waters that allow you to see the fish you’re aiming at. If you can find water like this, just wait until one young fella comes sashaying and hurls your spear with great force. 

That’s plenty of protein for dinner. 

Hit The Fish With A Heavy Item


If you cannot make a pointed edge, probably due to the absence of sharpening tools, you’ll have to make do with a heavy object. You can get a heavy stick, say a wooden club. Any heavy object is okay as long as you can swing it hard. With it in your hand, get close to the water body and swing quickly at any fish in sight. Sure, this looks crude and harsh, but hey, it’s the survival of the fittest out there. 

Trotlines Are Helpful Too


If you don’t want to undergo the difficulties of a spear or net fishing and are okay with one fish at a time, just get a fishing line, attach worm or other bait to it and dip in the shallow part of the river. Wait there until you feel a tug at the line and pull up rapidly. 

Concluding The Tips For Survival Fishing


Fishing is helpful. It may make all the difference. Fortunately, it is quite easy to fish. In fact, there are various other tips for survival fishing like catching with your bare hands and using poison, although this may contaminate the water and the fish itself. Improve your fishing skills through regular practice.