Things To Do On Family Camping

The list of things to do on family camping is inexhaustible, especially as we have to engage in activities that’ll appeal to every member of the family. With this in mind, it is much easier to whittle down this long list and settle for a specific few. 

As the planner, you should know the abilities of the family to make selections based on comprehension and competence. This means you’ll be picking things you know everyone has the mental and physical strength to do. Note that this can be quite tricky in families with significant age gaps. 


A List Of 8 Things To Do On Family Camping

When drawing up this list, the emphasis remains on competence and comprehension, as earlier mentioned. You can decide to add convenience to the considerations as well.

I mean, you wouldn’t include skydiving if you and your 60–year–olds were camping together, would you? 

Below are eight common things to do on family camping.



This is probably the most popular activity on every family’s list, mostly due to two reasons: first, it is easily understandable, therefore suitable for all age groups and, secondly, requires no special equipment. Speaking of convenience, you can hike in all biomes, so there really is no turnoff to hiking. 

However, for all of these, hiking may not be entertaining enough to occupy energetic kids, and you may have to include extra activities while at it. 

Hiking is a transitional thing, and as such, it can become an adventure even before you get to your camping ground; all it takes is a good location. A great tip for hiking is to skip areas that are heavily logged with woods. Hiking in such terrains will bore you more than hunting in your room.



No one strikes out swimming out of a camping checklist, except when you’re going to the Sahara. That’s a lot of heat and sand without any water body. But that aside, swimming remains a popular go-to activity to do on family camping. This is mostly attributed to its inexpensiveness and suitability for all age groups. 

Swimming requires no costs or special equipment and can be done by everyone in the family. A likely downside to swimming, however, is its unavailability in certain settings. Some families don’t let that discourage them, though. 

Families keen on swimming take care to camp in regions with some water bodies. And really, who can blame them?



Now, except you come from a line of hunters, this might not be of much interest, but that doesn’t reduce the appeal of hunting on family camping. Contrary to what you may be thinking, hunting isn’t gender-based. Just get some hunting guns, gear and follow some trails. 

However, keep in mind that you’re not hunting with seasoned hunters, so you don’t go too far into the wild. It’s merely an opportunity to show your kids how to set traps and follow trails. Don’t go as far as the lion’s den. 



Name a thing better to do on a chilly night in the woods than a campfire. No one can. A campfire is a vintage activity, a classic thing that remained in style since the earliest days of camping. It is, in fact, now a camping tradition and an almost instinctual thing to do whenever you go out camping. 

Whether to tell ghost stories, roast marshmallows, or keep warm, campfires are an excellent way to stay connected on a camping night. Here’s a little tip: be more careful around campfires.


Watching Nature

Granted, a group of young, hyperactive kids will hardly appreciate this activity, but for a good number of families, nature-watching is an excellent thing to do on camping. The experience can be enthralling and entertaining, but you may not realize this until you try both. Hours spent watching and listening to beautiful, chirping birds in glorious flights or adoring a blanket of colorful butterflies in sunflowers remain forever precious in memory. 

Whatever you choose to watch, nature-watching is a beautiful thing to do while camping. It doesn’t just entertain you; you may also learn one or two facts while at it. I would suggest that you research ahead to be sure of what you’ll be looking for.



You don’t have to be convinced of the beauty of stargazing. I mean, is there any activity that enthralls more than gazing at the mesmerizing stars in their adorable constellations?

Granted, you might have to explain a little to your kids, but that’s about it. It’s after all nightfall, and there’s hardly something else to do. Drifting off into the woods isn’t the safest, so why not look up to the stars. 

Stargazing is a great opportunity to teach your children one or two things about the stars and zodiacs. And, do you know what makes it even better? A falling star! That’s a wish come true. A great tip will be to study ahead if you plan to stargaze. Go somewhere REALLY DARK. Ambient light from cities can occlude your star viewing. States like Utah and Wyoming have many places where you can look up to the stars in wonder without the city light pollution. Also, there are many resources such as that can help with your planning.



Okay, chill. Some consider fishing an activity meant for men, but this isn’t so. Fishing can be enjoyable and much fun as long as everyone in the family is willing to try. In such families, it’s not often about fishing. Instead, it’s more on how well people bond while at it. 

Also, there’s the possibility of discovering a new hobby. In some families, however, fishing is a ritual on every camping trip. That explains why some would never camp in a region they can’t find running water.



Finally, something specifically for the kids. I get that your kids may be interested in swimming at the Olympics or enjoy fishing or any other activity, but nothing gets a kid going as well as games. 

Do you know what’s better? There’s no fear of breaking a thing or suffering any injury. 

Games on a camping trip are not the usual options at home. Organize a game of hide-and-seek, capture the flag and treasure hunt, and see your children go all the way out.



This is a favorite with most people. Now, there are many different ways to do this. When you have a large family, making large meals to feed many is preferable. Using such kitchen gadgets like slow cookers and insta pots can help with this. Putting a roast, soup or even bbq in a slow cooker can be a time saver. Set it and forget it. Go about your daily activities and when you return to the camper or campsite, you have food ready. Throw together a couple of side dishes and its a feast.

Marinate your beef or chicken, then when its time to eat, throw everything on the grill or griddle. Make is a family activity where everyone chips in to help. Its also a spectacle when you are on the grill and everyone is watching.

Lastly, cook over the fire. Not just for smores, but for a chili, soup or kababs. Get some metal skewers, load them with your favorite protein and let everyone cook over the fire. There are many set ups where you can put a pot over a fire too.

Concluding The Things To Do On Family Camping

As you’ll agree, family camping is a great way to bond and connect more with the people you love. We all tend to get caught up in our jobs, and a week or two away with family is often an excellent way to unwind, relieve tension or pressure, and enjoy our lives more. 

However, remember that it’s not all about you. Thankfully, there are more than enough things to do on family camping—make sure you select what everyone understands and enjoys.