The Vehicle To Bug Out With

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Selecting the vehicle to bug out with doesn’t have to cause you a migraine. In the first part of this article, we looked at the pros & cons of bugging out with the SUV, the motorcycle, and the motorized bike. We agreed that while the SUV is a truly great BOV (thanks to its carrying capacity & protection offered), the motorbike is very appealing too (courtesy of its efficiency with fuel & the fact that it can be used even without fuel).

The motorcycle has its advantages too, including that it carries more load than the motorbike while it uses fuel more efficiently than the SUV. Each vehicle has its good & not-so-good features. It depends on the ages and experience of people who are bugging out, terrain, and the situation around you.

Choosing The Vehicle To Bug Out


In this concluding part, we’ll look at why you should and shouldn’t bug out with three commonly used vehicles among preppers. Keep in mind the choice is always yours, but it’s best to consider carefully before making a decision.



The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a fun-supportive & practical vehicle (I own one, you see, and I’m sure many other people with one think the same). The ride is excellent for exploring the vast wilderness and is, therefore, a nice camping vehicle. Thanks to its versatility, some Americans use the ATV to handle hauling operations while others drive it around for fun.

Notwithstanding the purpose the ATV is used for, I daresay that it can serve as the perfect bug-out ride when necessary, thanks to its relatively small size, powerful engine & impressively tough tires. The vehicle can navigate every terrain type irrespective of the weather, has a nice carrying capacity & an acceptable speed. With a good trailer attached to it, you can move everything you dare to think of — except huge mountains like Everest & Kilimanjaro.

Pros of The ATV


  • Transverses all roads, meaning that you’re assured of reaching your destination is wherever it is.
  • Roadblocks & road traffic can hardly slow you down as well, although it is best to avoid blockades if you don’t know why it was put up.
  • It shields persons in the trailer from several forms of attack, especially if reinforced. 
  • Compared to the SUV, the ATV is a cheaper yet equally rugged BOV.

Cons of The ATV


  • Limited carrying capacity & range, except if you attach a trailer (which will incur more fuel & supplies)
  • Exposes you to the elements and direct attacks, just like the motorbike.
  • It can carry only two persons.
  • Limited range and carrying capacity (unless you have a trailer with additional gas and supplies)

The Bicycle


When SHTF, the mountain bike can be your bug-out vehicle or at least a backup option for the roads. Fortunately, most of us have this in our garage, and all it takes to use is some dusting. No gas is needed to run, so nothing is stopping you from hitting town with it. You should have seen how they use it in survival movies.

In fact, some survival experts consider the bicycle to be a great BOV. It is lightweight & strongly built, and one with a rack system can carry more than one person (the usual carrying capacity). A survival bike is also designed to maneuver all terrains successfully, thanks to its rugged tires that self-seal & are firmly resistant to punctures. 

Throw in the fact that you can generate electricity from a bike in various ways, and you may start to see why it’s great. And finally, some bicycles come with a battery that can take over pedaling while you give your legs some rest on a tedious journey.

Pros of The Bicycle


  • Zero use for fuel, yet its mileage is unlimited.
  • Physically unfit persons can ride, thanks to the battery that comes with certain models.
  • Fit for all types of terrains.
  • Makes no noise, unlike other BOVs, and is a great choice to leave a place undetected.
  • Arguably the best backup to your primary BOV, whether ATV or SUV.

Cons of The Bicycle


  • Mostly specified for one rider.
  • Direct exposure to the elements & all forms of attacks.
  • May not be very useful to an unfit rider.

The Human Body


Surprising entry, but it shouldn’t be, should it? Because, thinking of it, your body is your first option when bugging out. Likewise, it will be the vehicle that won’t fail when others do. So, do you now see that your legs, hands, head, eyes, and whatever make a reliable BOV?

Irrelevant of how they are used, machines will break down after a particular time, and it is most likely that fixing them will be impossible — or very difficult. Contrarily (and fortunately), your body can last until you give up the ghost, provided it is properly taken care of.

When the discourse is on survival, you have to come first. Doing an emergency, your body is what you care for the most, or let’s say that’s the most sensible thing to do. You don’t have to press any button, buy any gas, or do anything to escape danger. 

However, to optimize the potentials of your body, you have to keep it fit in advance. A fit body may turn out to be your best defense when SHTF. A car or bike can’t jump over a ditch, nor can either swim through a river. To do these things, though, your stamina & strength must be in excellent condition. An unfit body will also serve but will tire far more easily than a healthy one.

Pros of The Human Body


  • Can take you anywhere you desire, irrespective of the weather & terrain.
  • Most affordable BOV
  • Requires very little fuel (as long as it is the right type)
  • Gives you the option to sneak out or anywhere.
  • Can always find an easy way around blockades.

Cons of The Human Body


  • Only kids can be carried; even supplies have to be minimal.
  • Limited range & speed, particularly for disabled or unfit persons.
  • Vulnerable to elements & sudden attacks.
  • Can be very unhelpful without the right fuel (good foods & drinks)
  • Tires after a while and may require time to recuperate (which you may not have).

Conclusion on The Vehicle To Bug Out With


Deciding on the vehicle to bug out with is influenced by your condition & other factors, such as the situation you’re in and which is available. I advise that you utilize whichever vehicle is accessible at the time if you’re in terrible danger. Let’s hear from you: which is your ideal vehicle to bug out with when SHTF?