Surviving A Deserted Island

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Surviving a deserted island is not an impossible thing. In fact, it may be a very valuable experience for you to have. 

What could lead to finding yourself in a desert?

A plane crash, a storm attack on your cruise ship, a yacht expedition turning out wrongly, or losing track of your fellow adventurists out in the wild.

Whatever, the result remains that you’re stuck on an island with nothing save for your knowledge, skill sets, strength & supplies. What else, you have companions there too. 

Or you could be without the latter two mentioned above, but we’re looking at the better case scenario.

So, What Next, Robinson Crusoe?

Assess the Magnitude of the Situation & Get Everyone to Safety


The first thing to do when there are fellow survivors with you is to ensure everyone is okay. If there is anyone in the water, get them away from possible dangers like sharks & the tides. Check for wounds on them, prioritize the kids if there are any. Provide or get someone to provide basic medical treatment. Sometimes, you may just have to comfort the ones who apparently need it. The goal here is to get you all working together. That may be everyone’s best shot at getting off the island alive. 

Pool Available Resources Together


What comes next is to put together all available resources.  This is obviously why everyone needs to be on the same page. All supplies are important at this time. You guys can also make do with leftovers from the ship or plane. Gather everything that you can find here; there’s no chance of leaving any item behind. You never know when it might be needed.

Find a Means of Communication


The ideal means of comm here would be having a mobile phone with some power & signal reception. If there is one, ring the authorities. It’s important to have the relevant addresses in your phone. You can call anyone else too. Inform someone of your situation, making sure to point out the location you recognize last before finding yourself on the island. Do your best in describing where you are too. Some islands may have unique features that’ll make them easily found. 

If this works, the next step of action is to wait for help. Not sure there’s a lot of other steps to take here. 

In the absence of a mobile phone, however, you have to get other means of emergency signaling. A fire with a lot of smoke would be the perfect thing to do. But preparing this may take some time, considering that the logs in an island are most likely wet with water. There are surely other means of calling for help, like a two-way radio or signaling flares. But here’s the fact here: you’ll be waiting for help for quite a while. 

There’s a lot more to follow.

Conclusion to Surviving a Deserted Island


With a rescue out of the immediate picture, the possibility of surviving a deserted island becomes bleeker. This is where your prepping skills come into play. Let’s see what follows in the subsequent part of this article.