Surviving A Deserted Island II

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 With no access to call for help, what comes next in your plan for surviving a deserted island?

A lot.

However, before proceeding, it may interest you to know that aircraft in flight are always monitored from the tower, so if you’re stuck on an island due to a plane crash, rescue is already in motion. You don’t just know how long it will take to arrive.

If you’re not there due to a commercial plane crash, however, I wouldn’t like to say that getting help is harder, but boy, is it!

Following Up Your Plan for Surviving as Deserted Island

Build a Shelter


Except if you can get the tree fairies to build you something fancy using pixie dust, you’ll have to get somewhere you all can stay. Of course, it doesn’t mean you only. I mean, you all. Another reason to foster togetherness. You can erect a simple shed, but even that will take some effort. Appoint some of the able men to work with you. 

If you have no tools to use, this would be impossible. This is why we emphasize that you always have your emergency tool kit with you at all times. It doesn’t have to be large; something little that’ll carry the tools you can use to make other tools is just fine. And while this box may not be very available if a plane crash occurs, that’s not the only reason you can be on a deserted island, is it?

Find Water to Drink


Even if, by some miracle, you have some potable water, it is only a matter of time before it runs out. I mean, you’re not the only one taking it. Making a move to ration supplies may be a problem as some would not agree, especially if they own the water.

The most likely source of water you’ll find on an island is the sea, and oh dear, you should never take it regardless of how thirsty you are. Seawater can spike your blood pressure, hasten your heart rate, cause physiological changes, lead to excessive thirst & do worse damage. So, if all you can find is seawater, you’ll have to perform a procedure called desalination, a method of making seawater healthy for drinking. 

Regarding this, remember to carry water filters about. They are very portable & may mean that you don’t have to search for long before finding water to drink.

Get Something to Eat


I doubt you’ll have food if you’re survivors of a plane crash or a capsized ship. So, it’s only proper that you get something cooking, and fast. We don’t want the kids going too hungry. 

You’ll need to make weapons if you’re without any. Your toolkit can help to make spears & arrows. You don’t have to kill the largest animals. Small games are okay too. The target isn’t to eat until you’re filled; it’s to eat enough to stay alive. 

Final Lines on Surviving a Deserted Island


Surviving a deserted island becomes much easier when the three problems above are solved. You can then start waiting for help. Remember to dry woods for fire from the first day you get there. Common skills like making a fire shouldn’t be a problem for preppers. Ask your questions in the comment boxes.