Survival Uses of Aluminum Foil

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Settling for only 7 survival uses for aluminum foil out of the myriad of benefits available was tricky, but we ensured that we selected only the most pivotal uses. 

Aluminum foil is a present staple in kitchens across the world. While it is well known for its role in food storage, an average American may be unaware of the tens of other uses for this guy. That’s by the way.

Aluminum foil, despite being so popular and functional, costs very little — fortunately. 

Highlighting 7 Survival Uses for Aluminum Foil


As preppers, it is only wise to pack aluminum foil as we hit the wild. Thanks to its ease of use and versatility, aluminum foil can be a lifesaver in different scenarios as we try to survive outdoors.

Let’s look at 7 of such uses.

Light A Fire


Fire can be hard to lit when the environment is not conducive. Fortunately, aluminum foil makes the entire process much easier. Put in mind that it pays to have several backup options for all your plans in the wild, especially one as crucial as making a fire. 

To start a fire using aluminum foil, you need to have an AA battery and some paper or cotton.  To use, wrap the cotton or paper between the battery strips and hold the foil on the ends of the battery until smoke appears. Burning yourself is quite easy in this method, so you should be careful.

Sending A SOS


As a prepper, you owe it to yourself to always be prepared for happenstances beforehand. It hurts no one to be ahead of the curve. Sending an SOS may become vital if you get injured and need medical help or get lost and need to be found. There are several options that will be useful when sending a signal, but as we know, better to have a backup.

By optimizing the reflective quality of the aluminum foil, you can easily be noticed in the woods. This is done by making a flag or any distinct shape out of the foil and then waving it around or hanging on a higher surface where it’s directly facing the sun. 

Also, to prevent getting lost in a hike or trail, you can use a foil flag to keep track of the route you’ve taken so you can easily make your way back to camp.

Fishing Aid


The aluminum foil’s reflective quality again comes into play if you’re camping or find yourself close to a river. I mean, you’re going to fish if there’s a water body nearby, won’t you? Well, if you will, we both know that you must have good bait, except you’re going for a spear or net fishing (and even these require some baiting).

Should fish be refusing to take up your bait, an easy way to get them is to add a touch of aluminum foil, perhaps on the weights or hook. The shine of the hook is sure to attract the curious fish. No? You don’t even need a big foil to do this. Just something little will do.

Collect Precious Water


There are several ways to collect water in the wild using aluminum foil from a stream, river, or fountain. The material is water-proof, and all it takes to gather water is water itself. It can be used to collect water during rainfall too.

Remember that rainwater is one of the most valuable things to collect in the wilderness. In the absence of bulky rain tanks (as these are quite heavy and not everyone wants to carry that much weight), you can mold an aluminum foil into a container, whether large or small. You have to make sure this is properly done (without any leak) to collect water as much as possible. 

This is a solution that can be implemented the moment it starts raining. Quickly done and easy to use.

Safeguard Trees


Trees benefiting you should be protected from bug infestations and the attacks of other wildlife. Using chemicals can be harmful to you and the tree, so that leaves with an unconventional method. You’re in luck if you’re carrying an aluminum foil, as it will swiftly eliminate the problem.

To use, wrap a large size around the tree base, and this will turn animals away as they approach due to the brilliant shine and smell. On a very tall tree plagued by birds, climb the tree and wrap a specific branch or two (for you and your family). The untiring reflection of the material will discourage birds, as they will be unsure of what is happening underneath the leaves.

Rust Removal


Keeping your items & gear in prime condition is essential if you value survival. To make your weapon redundant or inoperable, all it takes is some corrosion, and that’s it. So, avoiding rust every possible way must make your to-do list. Thankfully, with an aluminum foil handy, you have no worries.

When you observe rusting on your gear, use an aluminum foil to thoroughly and immediately wipe the area. By rubbing hard against the surface, you’ll notice improvements at the spot. Should the item or gear be large in size, I advise dipping in water before use to avoid easy tears while at the cleaning process.

Mud Removal


Navigating the various terrains of the wilderness is sure to leave heaps of mud on your shoes. If you’ve ever been in the spot, you’ll know removing this dirt can be difficult without the right tools. You may have had to carry unnecessary gear for this purpose before now but not anymore.

By balling up aluminum foil, you can wipe the mud off your boots without ease. Balling up the foil is just so you have access to the crevices of the shoes. Even without any shape, merely rubbing the abrasive foil on your boots will remove any mud buildup. This will also come in handy in avoiding pricks that thorns may inflict if you were using bare hands to do the cleaning. 

Concluding The 7 Survival Uses for Aluminum Foil


Apart from the 7 survival uses for aluminum foil highlighted in this article, there are several other valuable benefits of having this item in your pockets when you visit the woods. We’ll look at more in subsequent articles. Meanwhile, we’d love you to try these techniques out and give us feedback.