Survival Jackets To Keep You Warm and Safe

an image showing one of survival jackets to keep you warm and safe


Survival jackets to keep you warm and safe are an essential part of your wilderness gear. This postulates that wherever you are going, be it the Savannah, Kilimanjaro, or even Sahara, jackets are necessary accessories. Keep in mind that the gear and clothes you pack are critical to your survival in the wild.

In all environments, especially those with cold temperatures, it is essential to maintain the body’s natural source of heat. Failure to do so may lead to minor conditions, such as a cough or cold, as well as cold-related injuries like hypothermia, frostbite, and others. 

Always remember that you have a minimal supply of heat in the wild. You, therefore, must adequately prepare to avoid any related setback. Without mincing words, a quality survival jacket is a must-have as you go on your adventures.


Top 5 Survival Jackets To Keep You Warm and Safe


As you may expect, survival jackets differ from everyday workout fancy pieces. A jacket has to satisfy some criteria before you can entrust it with your health and safety in the wild. We will discuss these considerations in this blog, but we understand that making a choice based on these recommendations can be time-consuming and tiring. We have, therefore, selected the top 5 survival jackets to keep you warm and safe.

Note that this list was compiled by a team of seasoned survivalists in the wild—they may know it all.


Tactical Jacket, Condor Summit Soft Shell


If you’re visiting ten stores specialized in survival gear, there are high chances of finding the Condor Summit Tactical Jacket in at least 7. The exterior of this high-quality jacket is 100% made from pure polyester while the interior employs integrated shell fabric tech to have three layers. Elsewhere, the jacket boasts fortified forearms, thereby promising more safety and warmness.

The Soft-Shell Tactical Jacket is breathable, meaning that moistures like sweats are easily removed or even avoided. This also prevents the absorption of water and sees that body heat is well regulated. This jacket hosts a couple of pockets effective for storing and carrying, features a stowaway hoodie to protect the head, and also a liner stand up collar. Furthermore, you have better access to regulate your temperature through a vent zipper beneath the arm.


Men’s Mountain Jacket by Bear Grylls


Bear Grylls manages to outdo itself with the Men’s Mountain Jacket. This jacket is a blend of perfection—if perfection can be divided. Speaking of material, Mountain Jacket boasts two excellent fabrics. The main fabric and lower lining are 100% polyamide, while the upper lining is 100% polyester. With this material combo, this jacket is an excellent choice.

Going further, Bear Grylls Men’s mountain jacket boasts fantastic specs. To begin, it has a network of pockets, which include a specialized O/S and security pocket, adjustable cuffs, and an inner drawcord. Bear Grylls jacket comes with water-resistant zips, thereby making it suitable for wear even when it is raining or drizzling. Importantly, this jacket is impressively lightweight for all of its specifications, convenient and functional. These all are captivating features, and the mountain jacket is hence difficult to resist by men who love the wild.


Helium HD Outdoor Research Jacket


The outdoor research jacket by Helium HD is another wonderful selection on the list. To begin, it is 100% nylon and is therefore wholly waterproof and remarkably lightweight and breathable. These make it a must-have for any occasion in the wild. The jacket features an adjustable Halo hood, which keeps out bad weather and allows peripheral vision, and two hand pockets with zippers. That’s about the highest safety any jacket can guarantee.

Other specs offered by the Helium HD Outdoor Research Jacket are a drawcord hem, a 100% waterproof center zip at the front, a loop cuff closure, and put zips. These all are rare features, thereby lauding the innovation of this survival jacket. Helium’s research jacket also doubles as a stuff sack to comfortably store or carry gear that you want easy access to. To draw the curtains, this nylon jacket is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a functional, convenient, and lightweight survival jacket.


ARCTERYX Atom Lt Jacket


Like the first choice on this list, ARCTERYX is 100% polyester, which immediately announces it as a magnificent survival jacket. Its outer fabric is resistant to moisture, and you’re hence safe during a light rain. It has a fashionable style, zippered hand pockets, and a DWR finish. ARCTERYX Lt Jacket offers a fitted choice courtesy of its low-profile stretch panel by the side.

The ARCTERYX Atom Lt Jacket is unusually lightweight and hence extremely breathable. This can, however, be negative in very windy or cold-temperature environments. Whenever you find yourself having this jacket in any of the mentioned surroundings, a great move is to put on an additional layer of clothing.


Men’s Antimony IV Jacket, Colombia


The Antimony IV jacket is 100% polyester shell and 100% polyester insulation and is an excellent choice for an outdoor ride. It has zips of high-quality, including zippered chest/side pockets and front zip. 

Good news if you’re keen on listening to your playlist as you survive—the Colombia IV Jacket has pockets designed for an earpiece. There are also pockets to carry or store other accessories, such as goggles and little boxes. Perhaps you may not know; Colombia is waterproof and breathable. This jacket is an excellent pick if you’re looking to survive the storm.


Buying Guide For Survival Jackets To Keep You Warm and Safe


The list above represents the finest survival jackets you can wear for the wild. Each is excellent and carries a specific advantage over the others. You may find it challenging to make a choice, therefore. Here are factors to consider:

  • Comfort: the convenience of a survival jacket matters a lot. This is usually put down to the fabrics it was made from as well as other features, such as pockets. Select a jacket that you can wear for long enough in the wild. 
  • Activity To Indulge In: what you’ll be doing is a critical factor. A soft-shell jacket is best for high activities because it is quite water-resistant and very flexible. A hard-shell meanwhile is more suitable for light activities because it is much more resistant to water but can sometimes be too rigid to allow certain movements.
  • Specifications: pick a jacket that offers features essential to the activities you’ll be doing. Some jackets have several rare specs but may not be ideal for you.

Final Words on Survival Jackets to Keep You Warm and Safe


There are several survival jackets to keep you warm and safe. To save you the headache of making a choice, we have compiled the finest you can find around. It’s time to conquer the wild—classic George of the Jungle style.