Spam as Survival Food


The use of spam as survival food is laughed at in several quarters. I mean, having spam as a staple in the prepper’s pantry has always been a thing to laugh about. 


Statements like “I’m completely ready to go now that I have my Spam & beans” are common among us & I’m betting only the newest newbie wouldn’t realize this is a sarcastic quip. 


However, for all of this derision, I know people who enjoy this salty meat, just as I do on some occasions. With so much bad energy about spam, it is only logical that someone asks if it is a good survival food — especially as there are also talks of it being unhealthy. 


Uses of Spam as Survival Food


It may have taken a lot of time & deliberation, but I eventually decided on the topic. I daresay that spam is a good meal for survival, and here’s why I think so. 

After thinking about this for a good long while, I have concluded that spam would be a decent survival food, and we’ll see why I think so. 


Ideal for When the Chips are Down


First, I think the health doubts about spam are the first to be cleared. I also see why many frown upon eating this food regularly. Spam is high in sodium & fat, but there’s a catch: it’s also high in protein. 


When things are normal, eating spam is a total no-no. I mean, so many of us are on poor diets already, and adding something that’s only salty & nothing else to it is a horrible move. If you have to eat spam, you have to be careful with it. 

However, when things go south & there’s chaos flying about, you’re not going to be eating your three regular meals & you’ll be getting involved in a lot of physical activities. 


You’ll be needing more salt, and trust me when I say that’s hard to get naturally.  Also, more fat is needed in this situation, as it is an energy source while protein is equally important for muscle development. Consider these three changes in your dietary requirements & you start to understand why spam makes the cut when poop hits the fan. 


Shelf Life


It is rare to see Spam containers showing expiration dates (for me, at least). The ones I’ve seen only had best-by dates. As I’ve heard, spam will remain good for a lot of years, even beyond the best by date if left unopened — which means you can stockpile as many as you want of this.


However, there are doubts over the edibility while it lasts. The consensus is that spam will maintain its freshness for at least two years and as long as five years. I think two years of freshness without refrigeration is quite okay. 




Spam is a versatile food that can be eaten in various ways. You can eat it right out of the can; you can slice & dice to eat on your sandwich; you can fry it with eggs (tasty recipe); you can cut it into cubes, pierced & roasted over an open fire; or you can cut into small chips to be included in bland stews or soups for better taste.


Conclusion on Spam as Survival Food


Using spam as survival food may sound laughable to those who aren’t aware of how it can be used. I even think it’s wrong to deride foods and preppers. I mean, is there a choice other than staying alive when SHTF?



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