Setting Up A Snare Trap

setting up a snare trap image


Setting up a snare trap is relatively easy, but it is the technique that may be a problem. Contrary to what you may be thinking, a snare trap is not solely for squirrels. You can set up an effective snare trap for chipmunks, snakes, and other not-so-big prey with the proper construction.


Basic Tips For Setting Up A Snare Trap


The location of your snare trap matters as much as the technique used in setting it up. There are some things to note as well as places to consider when setting up a snare trap. Let us look at the basic tricks to know if you want your trap to catch a game.


Set Up By Holes


Most of the time, most small animals dig burrows or holes underground as this is where they leave. Thus, spotting an animal hole isn’t difficult, but sometimes, they aren’t very available. You may have to sneak around carefully to find a hole.

A common pointer to an animal hole is the sudden appearance of a rabbit or chipmunk. Except you’re hunting in the enchanted forest, I doubt that animals can teleport here and there. So, as soon as a bunny appears out of nowhere, be rest assured there’s a hole nearby.


Animal Dung & Droppings


Most animals, both small and big, spot danger chiefly by their sense of smell. And since technically, you’re a common predator, these fellas have become used to your smell and now know when to flee. As such, this is why we are advised to camouflage our scents when we go hunting. 

When you’re setting up your trap, therefore, the goal is to convince the game that you’re family. Do this by rubbing on animal dung or droppings on your trap, and perhaps yourself. This will erase all forms of suspicion on the part of the animals involved.


Look Out For Footprints


In certain terrains, the footprints of games are easy to track. When you come across places like this, say the snow or soft soil, set up your trap along the path constantly taken by the animal you’re tracking. Of course, this will take more than a day as you have to be sure that the game will take the route when your trap is up. It is more or less an ambush.


Visit The Water Place


Different animals visit a water place to hunt. This may be the best place for you to set up your snare trap. To get to the water place, you have to follow the footprints and other visible markings of games. A good tip is to recognize the drinking pattern of the game you’re hunting, so you are ready to track it at the right time.

By the way, I hope you know you’re setting up your trap at the water place when no animal is there. And while doing so, remember to disguise your scent.


Final Lines On Setting Up A Snare Trap


Setting up a snare trap can be done in just 4, 5 steps. However, animals are getting smarter, but they can’t beat you anyway. So, ensure to show them who the predator is. Do remember to apply the tips above.