Roles of Goats Towards Self-sufficiency

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The roles of goats towards self-sufficiency are all too underrated. A goat will very rarely be a top inclusion in the average prepper checklist, which is quite ironic given the noteworthy benefits we can get from these mammals. 


Looking At 5 Roles of Goats Towards Self-sufficiency


If you’re keen on becoming self-sufficient, which has enough to cater to your needs and those of your family, then the earlier you started rearing goats, the better for you. Goats are beneficial to you in some ways, be it nutritionally, financially, or emotionally. Let’s look at five roles of goats towards self-sufficiency.


Say Bye To Unwanted Plants


Perhaps the most popular fact about goats is their tendency to eat just about anything, and while this is not entirely true (as they can be picky when necessary), this is great news for you. Goats enjoy eating poison ivy, overgrown shrubs, blackberry brambles, and weeds. That’s one of the most effective, free mowing services you can get anywhere. 


Goat Cheese & Milk


Goat cheese and milk are easily digestible and are therefore better alternatives for those intolerant to cow cheese and milk. Often, dairy goats produce more cheese and milk than a single-family can feed on, so it may be a source of extra income for your household. Lastly, you can make kefir and yogurt from goat milk—definitely a lot of offerings.


Goat Meat


Goats reared chiefly for meat are an excellent source of lean protein. Goat meat has a higher protein level than beef and has an even lower level of fats than chicken. That’s great nutritional value. Also, you can sell goat meat as an additional source of revenue.


Source of Wool


Usable fiber is not obtainable from all types of goats, meaning that only a few goats can provide you with wool. Pygora & Angora goats produce mohair while Cashmeres produce cashmere. You can use these produce to spin yarn & make sweaters, blankets, and hats, which can be sold or used at home—or even traded for a needed commodity.


Source of Fertilizer


Whereas there are unending stories on goats brutally eating half of a farm, most tend to excuse the part where the goat manure was the main reason behind their farm’s growth. Goat manure contains nitrogen, potassium & potash and, therefore, is the perfect fertilizer for fields, and the ordinary goat produces about one ton per year. What’s even better, the pellet form of the excrement makes for easy gathering & disbursement. Lastly, dung fires will appreciate goat faces as well.


Concluding The Roles of Goats Towards Self-sufficiency


Asides from the remarkable roles of goats towards self-sufficiency, they are also an excellent addition to any homestead or farm. After all, they can offer the same things that other livestock offer, including food, fiber, milk, skin, and companionship. Furthermore, the fees for maintaining these smaller mammals are relatively cheaper compared to other livestock.