Practical Lifesaving Hacks For Travelling

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Be you a seasoned, always traveler, or are just booking your first flight out of the country, you have to know these practical lifesaving hacks for traveling. For most of us, traveling holds quite an appeal, but this does not mean that it is without its challenges. 

Of course, you should know that you cannot just empty your wardrobe tonight & go on a journey tonight if you haven’t prepared for it. Except you’re a super spy who leaves his hotel room in an emergency at 11 pm and yet manages to change his clothes regularly and have the smoothest journey. 

Laughable, isn’t it?

7 Practical Lifesaving Hacks for Traveling


Traveling has its obstacles, which you may find difficult to visualize except you’ve experienced them. The thing is, it isn’t always easy; you have to know practical & easy tips to put you through, as practicality & easiness or simplicity are key to the usefulness of any traveling hack. 

Let’s look at seven hacks to keep to if you’d like a smooth, successful traveling experience. Remember that our tips aim to make everything easier for you, ranging from expenses to the overall experience. 

Here we go.

Use Travel Sight’s Filters to Book the Cheapest Tickets


When traveling alone & without a strict need for comfort, browse through the travel filters to select the cheapest flights. If you agree to an economic flight, I suggest that you settle for flights that stop in-between your journey. You can find what you’re looking for by checking the website filters of airplane companies. 

Travelocity, Expedia, KAYAK, Travelzoo, Momondo & CheapOair are examples of travel sites that have the best filters to pick from. Making the right choice will save you money & time.

Always Best to Travel Light


I don’t believe that I have to emphasize why traveling light is advisable. I mean, it is the most logical thing, especially if you’re traveling alone. All you need is your basic grooming toolkit & a few clothing. Believe it when I say you can travel light, yet dress well. The ideal luggage weight for you should not exceed 23 KG or 50 LBS. Thinking of it, you’d realize this is the practical weight.

Some airlines may even not allow up to this weight while others may allow more than. Whatever the airline conditions are, keep to a weight that will not take a toll on you. If you are quite keen on your wardrobe, if you can afford it, it is better to make purchases on online marketplaces, ask someone from your destination to buy you clothes in advance, practice wash & wear or bring clothes specific to the number of days you intend to spend on your journey.

Always Fill Out Info on the Luggage Tag


Whether traveling alone or in groups, it is only logical that you fill out the luggage tag. Everyone has to do it anyway. Doing so will save you & others from several avoidable problems, particularly when you have to claim your baggage at the conveyor belt. Remember that your bag may look & weigh very similar to another, and only the luggage tag will help clarify. 

With your info in your luggage tag, your baggage should be easy enough to identify. If you’re not interested in using luggage tags, you should affix a unique tag or any standout feature to your baggage for easy recognition.

Have a Digital Map Handy for use


Digital maps can be your eyes in a crowded city, confusing crossroads, or deserted locations. This map will help you to take roads that are not easily noticeable and will guide you appropriately. 

However, you have to recognize that free digital maps are 100% accurate. In fact, Google Maps may not be very accurate in some places. Another demerit of digital maps is their reliance on the internet. Without adequate mobile data or a Wi-Fi zone, you may be stranded on your journey. Also, your battery has to stay powered throughout the journey despite that using the maps will drain it. 

The lesson here is not to depend on a digital map. Have a broader & more detailed map of your route in hardcopy. 

Wear Compression Socks if Available


This is a tip hardly known among travelers as most tend to wear ordinary socks. When traveling, wear compression socks, which are very elastic socks that easily wrap around the lower part of the legs. These socks will wrap tightly around your legs to prevent them from hurting due to immobility or the pressure of travel, as well as protect you from venoms from bites or stings.

Come With a Checklist


Ensure to always carry a checklist on your travel. A checklist helps to keep track of your supplies & be more aware of the items you are choosing to bring along. It is advisable to have a checklist before your travel & another after your travel to ensure that your itinerary is complete.

Keep Valuables (Cash, IDs & Passports) in Secure Separate Compartments


Never fall for the thought of keeping all your essential docs in a single place. The best thing is to keep them all separately in locations you can easily remember & recognize. By the way, I suggest that only you are aware of these locations. 

When traveling with bags, keep little cash in your exposed wallet. This cash should be an estimate of all you intend to spend on the journey, and the exposed wallet refers to the wallet you carry in your pocket. 

Then, the most important stuff is kept in your cover wallet — which is the inside compartments of your bag. This way, pickpockets do not have much to gain if they get your exposed wallet, plus you’d have more than enough to fall back on. 

Please note that you are never to store important docs & considerable cash inside a backpack.

Concluding The Practical Lifesaving Hacks for Traveling


Traveling is always fun but risky as well. The goal is to limit you to the positive sides and not fall victim to the negative aspects. Other helpful, practical lifesaving hacks for traveling are carrying a powerful power bank, trying to ensure that your flight gets to your destination during the daytime, having a softcopy of your important docs in your secure email address & having a means of identification easily accessible in case you suffer any mishap. Travel safe this holiday season.