Natural Alternatives to Paracord


Paracord is an absolutely lifesaving survival tool in an emergency situation. Not only will it help you build a shelter, tie down supplies, and mount a sling, but you can also use it for starting fires, fishing, and sewing (plus about 100 more uses).

It’s an incredibly useful survival tool. Which means it’s also incredibly devastating when you run out, or don’t have access to it when SHTF.

However, there is hope. Luckily, there are natural alternatives you can use to make your very own makeshift paracord in a survival situation.

This information could truly save your life. That’s why it’s imperative you learn about these…

Natural Alternatives to Paracord

1 – Dead Bark

One of the best (and most plentiful) natural sources for making your own paracord is dead bark. By removing the outer layer of bark from a tree, you can then use the cambium layer (between the wood and bark) to begin making your cordage.

For increased pliability, strip long sections of this layer from the tree, roll them between your hands, and then twist them together.

You can strengthen the strand by biting the middle of the strand, and pulling down on the ends so they’re parallel toward each other. When you let go, the strand should automatically twist around itself. Continue twisting the two strands over each other until you’ve got a shorter but strengthened strand. Knot the ends so it doesn’t unravel and you’re good to go.

Here’s a visual of how to use this “inner bark” to make effective cordage:

2 – Cattail Leaves

Most preppers don’t think of using cattail leaves for survival when in the field; however, these could be some of your biggest assets when SHTF. These leaves are durable and strong as is; however, when twisted together these create an incredibly strong rope that you can easily use to help save yourself in an emergency. Check it out:

3 – Grass Blades, Stinging Nettle, & Spruce Tree Roots

Long, strong blades of grass – as well as stinging nettle and spruce tree roots – are all excellent materials to use as cordage. Each of these materials are strong and durable, and are pliable enough to be twisted into a rope without breaking.

Here’s Survival Lilly to show you each of these processes in action:

4 – Blackberry Vines

Using a few tools and a bit of patience, you can transform ordinary wild blackberry vines into your very own cordage for survival.

First, you’ll need to recognize these vines have small thorns residing all over the vine. You’ll want to knock these off with a stick before touching it. Once the thorns are off (or as good as you can make it), clip a long piece off.

Now take your survival knife, and gently scrape off the dark outer layer of the vine, therefore revealing a lighter colored inner vine you’ll use to make the cordage.

Once the outer layer is off, twist the vine tightly – this will separate the inner bark from the thick core in the middle. If the fibers are difficult to separate, this may mean it’s too late in the season to make cordage from the vines, as they are too dry.

Once you’ve gathered multiple strands, combine them in your hand, and twist each strand, placing it over another, and another, forming a rope. Once the rope is formed, knot the ends.

Here’s an informative video to show you a visual of the process:

5 – Yucca Plant

If you’re located in the high desert when SHTF, you’ll be in luck – yucca plant can help you make excellent cordage.

However, the process is lengthy, and I want to make sure you do it right. That’s why I’ve included this informative video to help you out:

As you may have guessed, the trick to any good cordage is to use materials that are strong initially, and are hard to break. If you use brittle or easily breakable material, you can bet your cord won’t be nearly as effective in the field.

However, by finding the right materials and tying them together, you can make a strong and efficient rope to help you immensely in a survival situation.

Start practicing now by trying these out for yourself today. Remember – Prepare Now, Survive Later!