How To Make A DIY Mosquito Trap

mosquito trap

Well, spring is officially in full-swing. And that means it’s time to make a mosquito trap.

Did you know that mosquitos kill approximately 1 million people every single year?

These little disease-carriers are menaces to your health. And, problem is, the warm and rainy weather brings them in droves.

And you can bet that if you aren’t prepared, they’ll be just as deadly (if not more so) once SHTF.

So what can you do to cope?

I’m about to teach you how to make your very own DIY mosquito trap.

The beauty of these little inventions is that they’re incredibly cheap to make. I built mine for about $1. Almost nothing worth having is a dollar nowadays, so it’s quite a steal!

Better yet, this little baby is effective. I made my own to try it out, and over the course of a few days I watched it kill a bunch of mosquitos that otherwise wouldn’t have left me alone.

The fact is, whether you’re bugging out or just going for a picnic, you NEED to have this mosquito trap with you. And I’m about to show you how to make it.

How To Make A DIY Mosquito Trap

This DIY mosquito trap is surprisingly easy to make. In fact, it’s likely you have all of the ingredients for it in your kitchen already!

To make the mosquito trap, follow the instructions below.

1 – What You’ll Need:
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 11 grams active yeast
  • 2-liter bottle
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
2 – Instructions:

Cut the soda bottle in half, making sure both parts are about equal. Boil the water, and dissolve the brown sugar into the water. Once the sugar is dissolved completely, take the pot off the heat. Let it cool completely by putting it in the fridge. This will create a syrup.

Pour the syrup into the bottom half of the soda bottle. Then pour the active yeast on top. Don’t mix it in – just let it stay on the surface.

Take the top half of the soda bottle and place the cap end into the bottom half, so that the top side of the bottle is upside down. Tape the edges of the two sides with duct tape so they’re secure.

Place this trap wherever the mosquitos tend to be. You can make lots of these traps and place them all over your home, yard or bug out location.

Be sure to replace the mosquito trap every two weeks. You’ll know it’s time when there are no longer bubbles forming in the syrup.

3 – Handy Video:

Now if you’re like me, you like visual aids to be able to see how this works. That’s why I’ve included a how-to video below. This video goes through the instructions of how to make a mosquito trap. It also teaches you some helpful info about why this technique works so well. (Need captions? No problem. Click the “CC” icon in the lower right corner of the video).

Like I said, this mosquito trap is crazy easy to make. In less than 15 minutes you can have a handy mosquito trap (or several) that’ll knock out those pesky insects once and for all.

Making these could not only save your skin this spring/summer, but could potentially save your life as well. And, when a crisis occurs and you find yourself bugging in/out, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you have these around.

Don’t wait to get bitten (and possibly diseased) to stop these pesky mosquitos from irritating you. Build this super simple mosquito trap for your home/yard today. Then let me know in the comments how effective it was.

Remember – Prepare Now, Survive Later!