Jobs You Can Try Out When the System Collapses

Jobs You Can Try Out When the System Collapses


Considering the series of events that have highlighted how fragile the system is, it’s time to know some jobs you can try out when the system collapses.

In a way or two, we all are part of the system, including even the most rural people in America. A farmer in a rural community will most likely rear animals & tell me where he gets the feed for them from. It’s always a store that places electronic orders.

The thing is, there’s no escaping if the grid collapses today. So, you have to know some very pertinent things which you can get into if you lose your previous electronic job today.

Top 3 Jobs You Can Try Out When the System Collapses


Grow Foods


Whether you want to rear birds or chicken eggs or grow plants & herbs that make delicious meals, you’ll always make tremendous sales in a post-collapse world.

Without the availability of electricity processing to place orders & have them delivered to doorsteps, people will surely buy from wherever they can find. It is undeniable that you will make enough to survive if you grow foods where there’s a famine. So, my advice is that you save seeds today because they may become extremely valuable soon.

And, just so you know, you won’t just stick some seeds in the soil & expect a bountiful harvest. You should be able to do the hard tasks & still keep pushing even when you fail.

Process Wood


Whether there are heaters or not, winter will come. But even without winter, people need woods. I just started with winter to emphasize when people would do anything for wood to heat themselves & cook with. This is a scary possibility yet unchangeable. In fact, if you happen to be in the northern part of the country then, you’ll be making so much cash.

If you have the resources now & this is the job you’d want to try; buy the necessary equipment to stay prepared against the poop that may hit the fan. 

Medicinal Herbalist


With modern healthcare no longer available (bye-bye to your favorite doctor & nurse, by the way), there will be a mandatory need for people who can use other means of treatment to heal others. The common alternative is herbs & essential oils, which will make so much sense since both are already popular.

This career may be one of the least expensive to start. You don’t have to buy any special equipment or gear to start. You can work your way to expertise by reading many books on the topic & trying out the recipes you learn now. If you can afford it, you should enroll in a course in a good survival school. The usefulness of herbs & wild plants is a course commonly taught across these schools. 

Start practicing today. You should be capable already before any misfortune takes place.

Concluding The Jobs You Can Try Out When the System Collapses


If you noted, the three jobs listed above would cater to some of the essential needs people lack in the wild. Foods. Fire. Medicines. There are apparent similarities between a failed world & the wilderness, so that’s why. Other jobs you can try out when the system collapses are blacksmithing & water processing.



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