Ideal Non-lethal Weapons To Keep

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With the knowledge that not all non-lethal weapons are available to ordinary civilians, let us look at three ideal non-lethal weapons to keep. “Ideal” in this context involves legality, effectiveness, availability & price of purchase. This list will tell you the non-lethal weapons you can keep at home & use without any problem.

Here we go.

Shortlisting the 3 Ideal Non-lethal Weapons to Keep


Pepper Spray


A pepper spray is arguably the most popular of non-lethal weapons, so there’s no need explaining it. When using pepper spray, the first technique to master is a good grip. To do this, your thumb has to be the finger pressing the spray while the remaining four fingers hold the canister securely. It’s basically like using perfume. Make sure to maintain a considerable distance from the target, so the canister isn’t knocked out of or wrestled off your hands. 

When spraying, aim for the eyes and continue spraying. An expert assailant would close his eyes, and when they do this, you should be smart enough to decide if to run or knock them out completely. The second option would be easier if you have a club or object somewhere close. If you are against violence, though, you can always run to safety and then ring the cop.

If, somehow, pepper spray gets to your eye, wash it off immediately with a lot of clean water.

Stun Gun


It is best to understand a stun gun’s mechanisms before buying if you don’t want to be the first recipient of its stunning message. That is, study and know how to shoot, aim, apply the safety lock & go through other instructions. The ideal suggestion is to aim at the upper region of the target when shooting but spare the head. 

If you want to fire, 3 seconds are enough to pull the trigger and release your shot, although everyone agrees that it is best if the target is completely exposed when you shoot. Before carrying, ensure it is charged and that its safety switch is in place. Note that, should you be in direct contact with the target when you stun them, you won’t be affected at all. The shock isn’t transmittable.

Stun Baton


A stun baton is a stun gun with a baton. Usually, this is best recommended for elderly folks who can feign that it is a walking cane as they go about. It is also perfect for attacks from animals, especially violent dogs. 

Anyway, as long as you’re just after self-defense, the stun baton is your go-to weapon. There’s the option to get a stun gun featuring a flashlight, which makes it ideal if you go about during the night, either due to job or casual nature appreciation. This also makes it an excellent inclusion in your Doom’s day bug-out bag. A stun baton works the same way with a stun gun, save for its baton, which spits out blunt paint.

Concluding The 3 Ideal Non-lethal Weapons to Keep


These three ideal non-lethal weapons to keep cost little and are highly effective. Get them now & keep them handy when you suspect you’ll get in a situation that warrants them.