Ideal Christmas Gift Items For A Prepper

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From fire starters to fishing kits & water filters to multi-purpose tools, selecting the ideal Christmas gift items for a prepper or survivalist can be understandably confusing. So, what should you get your prepping partner or just a valuable survivalist in your life? Let’s see these seven practical gift ideas to check out.

7 Ideal Christmas Gift Items for a Prepper or Survivalist


Here’s what every prepper wishes they have on their wishlist. 

Sawyer Water Filtration System 


A water filtration system is vital to a prepper. This is often a portable, small-sized device that won’t cost much, except you’re buying a large family water filter. The usefulness of this is that when a prepper comes across a natural water supply, there’s no need to worry about bacteria in the water as the filtration system sterilizes, filters & makes the water safe for drinking. 

Now, there are about a hundred brands producing water filters for survival; I recommend the Sawyer Mini Filter. It is a device that I have used several times and found capable in all ramifications. In fact, it sits among the top 5 requested Christmas gift items for preppers. It works just fine with any bottle brand or make, and that’s a huge advantage.

Gerber & Bear Grylls Fire Starter Rods


A fire starter is outright useful. Tiny and able to work just under any circumstance, it’s easy to see why these rods are the best-selling outdoors gear. This gear is in two parts: one, a ferrocerium rod & two, a metal striker. When struck together, both create sparks that will conveniently light a pile of tinder or ball of cotton, and that’s a fire.

The Gerber & Bear Grylls fire starter rods are a ferro set housed in a compact waterproof container that can keep dry tinder to prevent from wetness. The rods themselves are waterproof, meaning that they are unaffected by rain or cold weather. Also, this ferro set comes with a land-to-air rescue guide, survival pocket guide & an emergency whistle. That’s a lot of features for a really affordable device.

SOS Emergency Food Rations


Emergency food rations have a shelf expectancy of 5 years. So, if you buy this year & fail to give the intended recipient, you can always do so the following year. 

SOS Labs have been in the emergency food business for a long while. There are high chances that you’ll find a lot of their sachets if you visit a disaster site. This food is cheap, easy to carry & each pack comes with an incredible punch of 3600 calories, divided among 9 bars.

The bars do not invoke thirst after eating, as some survival foods do, and as a shock, they taste great! The flavor tastes like coconut cookie or light cinnamon, and the texture is similar to that of a cracker. Buy plenty of these and give them to your prepper. He or she is inviting you over for a turkey dinner on the 25th.

Hausbell Flashlights


The Hausbell Mini model is a powerful gear among preppers, thanks to the special specs it offers for less than $11. This tiny flashlight measuring 9cm features 300 brilliantly bright lumens & can be set to 3 different models. It is resistant to water & adjustable, meaning that it can be used in any region and for any purpose. This flashlight is operated on a single AA battery that is not rapidly drained like other high lumens flashlights.

Thrive Emergency Car Kit


This is a highly effective roadside preparedness toolkit, specifically designed to get your car moving when it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. This is a multi-tool designed to help survive every catastrophe or event that may happen while in your car.

This bag contains many essential tools, including a first-aid kit, rope, flashlight, safety vest, screwdriver, hand tools, jumper cables & so much more. In fact, there are over 40 tools in this kit. The bag is transparent and waterproof and will sit in your backseat without any fuss until there’s a need for it. 

To sum up, this gift is a disaster-proactive bug-out kit designed to help you survive while you’re in your car. With it, you do not have to rush home before getting geared.

Solar Hand Crank Radio


A hand-crank radio is considered “highly essential” when bugging out. It is an essential preparedness item. This device keeps you connected, no matter what. It does not need electricity to work. What it does is keep you updated with crucial alerts when catastrophe hits. 

That’s the purpose of having a hand-crank radio, but this particular one offers more convenience. It comes with a solar power system and a phone charger, thereby increasing the usefulness of the hand-crank radio. Without a doubt, this is an item to be cherished. I daresay that any prepper that receives this item from you will be very grateful.

Thermal Blankets


Thermal blankets are an excellent inclusion in any prepper’s survival kit mainly because of their extensive range of uses. Usually, they are the lifesaver for victims of accidents suffering from shock. They are also valuable in sports to prevent crippling cold. For a prepper, they make a great shield in the wild. They protect preppers from the stinging cold and can also serve as a makeshift mattress. They trap heat under to keep the prepper warm, can be used as a shade, and will also help to send signals if a prepper is lost in the woods. 

Concluding The Ideal Christmas Gift Items for a Prepper or Survivalist


Christmas is a season to share love and exchange happiness. With the above mentions, you’re sure to make those outdoor persons you know feel special. Other ideal Christmas gift items for a prepper or survivalist are toilet paper wipes, a survival hatchet, a paracord bracelet & a first-aid kit. Let’s hear from you: what’s the gift item you think your prepper friend wants?