How To Tie The Arbor Knot


Knowing how to tie the arbor knot can save you a lot of difficulties and extra gear carrying in the wild.  A harbor knot is tied with cordage, which is as important as any other piece of gear you may lack to the great outdoors. It is, after all, one of Dave Canterbury’s 5Cs of bushcrafting. 

The harbor knot can be used for just about every purpose. However, let’s look at the reason to tie your knots using cordage before looking at the steps for tying the harbor knot.

Why Tie Knots Using Cordage!


Tying your knots with cordage is a great way of improving your motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are both crucial skills to possess as an outdoor enthusiast. Being able to tie knots effectively with cordage is only one of the hundred uses of the cordage. Mastering the use of cordage can help to keep your shelter more secure, climb cliffs and steep drops, tie supplies together, and keep food from predators. 

Steps to Tie the Arbor


The sense behind the arbor knot is that it is simple to tie, yet it has a lot of uses. It is nothing more than a loop and two overhand knots. Follow these steps to tie one:

  1. Form a U-shaped loop with the cordage such that the two ends are parallel to each other 
  2. Make a loose pretzel knot. It is an overhand knot so that you now have a loop and a knot.
  3. Pull inside the loop of the overhand knot to make a slipknot. 
  4. Proceed to make a second pretzel knot. Twist the knot over itself, going through the hole in the loop to make another overhand knot.
  5. Pull so that the knot is jammed. 

The arbor knot is mostly used with fishing rods, suggesting that you wrap the loop round an object to make it easier. Note that I’m not saying wrapping it around an item is compulsory to make a good arbor knot, but it is much easier for a starter.

The arbor knot can be used for many purposes. Thanks to the way it is made, it is near impossible for it to go loose while in use. So, whatever the situation is, just attach the arbor knot to your rod or reels and pull.

What is the Canadian Jam Knot?


The Canadian jam knot is the technical name for the arbor knot when it is used in bushcraft. As I said, it can be used for various purposes. You can use it with cordage to bind heavy loads like your hiking gear or sleeping bag. This knot is near perfect for any activity requiring hitching and binding. They are the ideal knots for building a bundle of objects, for example, sticks and brush. Having the hook to bind objects together can save you a lot of time when you’re constructing shelter or fire. 

The arbor knot does not jam, so it is tough to untie even when you want to.

Concluding How to Tie the Arbor Knot


Now that you know how to tie the arbor knot, do you agree that it can be used for nearly every purpose in the wild? Let’s hear from you in the comment box.