How To Choose The Perfect Bug Out Location

bug out

Any prepper can tell you, when an SHTF event occurs, being in a rural location is not the ideal situation, However, if you have the desire and the resources required, scouting out a proper bug out site has many things to take into consideration.

After all, when one thinks of it, the sole purpose of securing a bug out location is to safely remove you and your family, from the chaos and any danger that may follow.  That is why, when determining your bug out location, there are several must-haves to be considered.


When considering where you are going to bug out, the location is where it all begins.  It is worth noting when looking at this list, it was written keeping in mind that the main goal is the safety and security of you and your family is number one.


With the mass exodus that will undoubtedly happen after an SHTF event, you will want your bug out location as far enough from the city to where this will to affect you or your loved ones.  At the same time, you will want make sure that it is close enough that you will not have to drive for hours, or days, to reach your destination.  You will also need to factor in your means of transportation when considering the distance you will have to travel.

If you plan on traveling on foot, then your best bet is to make sure your location is no farther than 60 miles from your home.  Make sure that you also have a bug out bag ready for the trip.

If you plan to drive, then make sure your location is close enough that you won’t have to worry about the use more than one tank of gasoline.  If you choose a location further than that, make sure to pack extra fuel to ensure you get to where your going.  When it all comes down, gas stations will not be a reliable source for fueling up.

In a nutshell, it is crucial that the location you choose to bug out to is one that you can reach safely, while also being away from a major city or town.


When choosing a location for bugging out, you want to take great pains to make sure that it is not easily found.  Your site should set well off any of the main roads, and be provided with plenty of tree cover.  The concealment should be so good that anyone who happens to walk nearby on a road or path in close vicinity would not know your place was near, whether it be day or night.  This means it is imperative that no lights are visible at night.

The major takeaway here is that for your bug out location to be fully secure, it must be concealed from all the senses. Do you want to have a fire?  Okay, but you will have to take extra care in doing so.  Not only can the fire itself be seen easily, but the smoke it produces can be seen for miles.  It is suggested that you only cook at night to minimize being seen, and that you also keep the use of spices to a minimum, so as not to attract others by the smell.


When choosing your location, you will need to plan out at least three different routes to make sure that you will indeed arrive safely to your hideaway.  One route, the main one, can include major thorough fares, assuming you get out fast enough that these routes are still accessible.

You will need to figure out at least a couple of backup routes in case you have to go off the beaten path.  Keep in mind that in most emergency events, law enforcement will be patrolling the main roads, and you want to have a route that will avoid any possibility of you being turned back.


Here is a good question for—what are you going to live in?  If you truly want something really remote, you might have to go the route of purchasing land and then building a some sort of dwelling on it yourself.  If you are able to get one onto your property, you can always go the route of living in a trailer.  It comes dow to the fact that, if worst comes to worst, you can pitch a tent or two.

You will need to make a plan for what type of structure you will need, especially in areas that experience winter weather.  Depending on the amount of time it will take you to get to your bug out location, be prepared to camp out at night, making sure to have shelter, warm clothing, and a sleeping bag.


Both on the way to your bug out location, and once you arrive, your next concern will be that of having water on hand.  You will have no way of knowing just how long you will have to remain at your location—it could be days, weeks, or even months.  Bottled water will only be able to  take you so far and last so long.

That is why it is imperative that the location you choose has access to a viable source of water.  This could include well water, natural spring water, or even a clear lake or river.  You want to ensure you have a reliable source, as you will need it for more than just drinking.  You will need the wash clothes, wash dishes, and, if necessary, water livestock and crops.


As stated before, you will not know how long you will be onsite at your location.  You will not have the option of running down to the corner grocery to shop.  Everything you will need must to be onsite, and provided by your own hands.  Those items you will need to consider producing are:

  • A garden
  • Fish and game
  • Electricity (powered by way of solar, wind, or water)
  • Heating (by the use of firewood)
  • Livestock

When it comes right down to it, having your bug out location selected and secured will take time.  Now is no better time to make sure that you are ready when it all hits the fan.  Nothing is more vital than providing for the  safety and security of you and the ones you love.