The FREE Electronic Gadget Helping Preppers Live Longer

In the next few seconds I’m going to show you how this FREE gadget won’t just make prepping easier… 

It may even save your life!

Over the past 5-10 years, advancements in technology have made preparing for a crisis much easier than it used to be.

20 years ago prepping and general outdoor activities like camping and backpacking were a lot different than they are today.

Back then battery life on electronics stunk to high heaven; we hadn’t figured out how to shrink gear like tents, sleeping bags, water filters etc.

And cutting edge gear was $$$$.

Thankfully over the past few years, things like solar power, better and smaller batteries, computers stuffed inside of phones among other advances, have made preparing for a crisis and outdoor enjoyment totally different than they used to be.

You’ve probably experienced this already.

For instance, think of how Smartphones give us on-demand location keeping us from getting lost almost anywhere in the world.

And then there are solar lights which make it so we never have to depend on disposable batteries again for power.

And now, an amazing new electronic gadget makes prepping easier than it’s ever been.

In fact – it could even save your life long before SHTF.

Why My Personal Health Problems Actually Helped Me Get Prepared Better

I don’t talk about my health often, but since this FREE 5-in-1 Personal Fitness Tracker didn’t just help save my life… but is actually making prepping much easier I might as well give you the gory details.

Up until October of 2016, my health was never really a big concern for me.

I was happy running my survival website, sending emails, making it out backpacking, hunting and fishing on the weekends and all that good stuff.

But all that changed when I got the terrible news from the doctor.

Looking at me with as serious a look as I’d ever seen, the dull buzz of the fluorescent lights in the exam room taking up the background, he delivered the scary news…

He said, “Damian, if you don’t do something immediately about your weight I’m afraid you won’t live to see your next checkup.”

Obviously, this wasn’t the first time he said something.

Over the past few years he’d been getting on my case about my weight.

I’d never really taken it that seriously.

Hearing that I might die made things a bit more serious.

I mean, here I was spending all this time prepping for TEOTWAWKI but I wasn’t doing anything about the killer spare tires I was wearing. 

So I made a decision to change… and one of the best things I ever did to make that happen was getting this FREE 5-in-1 Fitness Tracker.

Introducing The 100% FREE 5-in-1 Fitness Tracker

Now just so you know, my friend Tim is the guy who’s giving away these FREE Fitness Trackers.

Tim’s a young buck survivalist I’ve known for some time.

And like myself, Tim’s been go-go-go for a long time.

Tim’s goal has always been around helping people live longer, healthier lives. That’s why he’s giving them away. All the details on how to get one of these Free 5-in-1 Fitness Trackers are on his website.

When I sent an email out to friends telling them about my health, Tim was one of the first to respond. He told me that if I were to use this 5-in-1 Fitness Tracker not only would it improve my health… it’d even make prepping easier.

Naturally, I took Tim up on his offer.

As soon as I got the tracker I decided to put it on.

Despite being overweight, the slim, wristwatch styled fitness tracker fit comfortably on my wrist.

Tim said this tracker would do 5 things for me.

And all 5 of those things would be essential to helping me lose weight and transform my health.

  • Daily Calorie Consumption Management: Calculated my daily calories, and recorded my daily burned so I could cut body fat fast.
  • Sleep Cycle Analyzer: Automatically monitored my sleep cycle, and recorded the quality of my sleep to help me feel more rested, more energized, and boost my metabolism.
  • Daily Step Tracker: Recorded and tracked my steps accurately. Great for knowing what kind of exercise I needed to do to lose the right amount of weight.
  • Distance Measurement: Measured my daily walking distance precisely and helped me get in great shape (without exhausting exercises).
  • Convenient Weight Loss Reminder: Easily set reminders for drinking, taking medicines, meetings, sitting for too long and other customized alarms.

It wasn’t long after using the FREE 5-in-1 Fitness Tracker that miraculous things began happening.

    ::: I was losing weight faster than I ever expected (miraculously, I’m down 100 pounds since October).

    ::: My blood sugar and insulin levels started to correct themselves.

    ::: General movement, like getting in and out of chairs and bed became much easier.

    ::: Once achy joints began to hurt much, much less.

    ::: My skin started to get less wrinkly and my hair started to look better.

And I got to do all of this without drastically changing my diet.

Because I’ve experienced amazing improvements in health using this FREE 5-in-1 Fitness Tracker I know you can too.

You can get yours here.

Wondering How This Makes Prepping Easier?

Like I said, this tiny device makes prepping so much easier.

Most people assume the basics of prepping are getting the gear you need in order to get prepared.

Yes, gear helps.

But you absolutely must be in good enough shape to use it. And I think most people fail to realize that.

Another thing that matters a great deal for prepping is sleep quality. Sleep is vital for performing in a crisis. If you’re not sleeping well then you’re apt to make poor decisions in a crisis.

And of course, there’s the simple fact that losing weight makes everything easier.

Imagine being 50 pounds overweight and then adding an additional 40-50 pounds of survival gear into the mix. Will that be easy to carry? Not a chance.

Now imagine you’ve shed those extra 50 pounds and the only extra weight you’re carrying is that backpack.

Life is going to be a lot easier for you, right?

Plus, when you lose weight now it makes experiencing the great outdoors as well as life so much more fulfilling than when you’re heavier than you should be.

Believe me, I know.

And then there’s the fact that by getting this you’re taking your health into your control so you can live longer.

Using something like this FREE 5-in-1 Fitness Tracker is one of the easiest things you can do to become healthier.

If you want one, you can get them here.

DO NOT HESITATE. Tim’s been giving these away for a few weeks and the remaining supply will go fast!

Click to get yours here.