Foods In Your Stockpile That May Poison You

Foods In Your Stockpile That May Poison You Image


Previously, we looked at three common foods in your stockpile that may poison you. While the choices may be surprising, you’d understand when you read through. Let’s look at other foods that you save in your pantry that may be poisonous. Here we go.

4 Foods In Your Stockpile That May Poison You




Before now, there was the wrong belief that margarine contained lower levels of saturated fatty acids than butter. The food was therefore said to be beneficial to the heart, but we’ve discovered the hoax in the myth.

Unfortunately, margarines were made with trans fats, which are accountable for nearly 50, 000 chronic heart attacks every year. The fats also worsen the risk of developing several fatal health issues, including type 2 diabetes. 

True, margarines do not use trans fats anymore, but they contain highly processed, industrial fats that always have negative health effects.

You can replace these foods with ghee obtained from grass-reared cows, butter, or coconut oil.



Shrimps are common foods in our stockpile, but they are sadly unsafe — at least, judging from certain considerations. They contain 4-hexylresorcinol, an additive added to avoid discoloration. While this may appear like a noble cause, it is far from it. This additive has been linked to several sperm count reduction cases in men and increased risk of breast cancer in women. 

Also, shrimp are usually reared in ponds containing neurotoxic organophosphate pesticides associated with tremors, memory, and the symptoms of ADHD. These are all the effects of poisonous food. Any food eaten in the wild that will disturb your mental focus and abilities must be avoided.

Vegetable Oils


Vegetable oils are common in our stockpile, as some of us don’t want to miss out on certain tasty recipes when we hit the wilderness. These oils, much like margarine, have very inflammatory properties that will poison your body if excessively taken. As you already suspect, this will leave you most uncomfortable in the wild, setting the tone for a painful outdoor experience. Vegetable oils are associated with cancer, liver problems, liver problems & heart attack, all of which can be devastating in the wild — where there is no access to good healthcare.

Table Salt


The mandatory presence of standard table salt in our pantry is unarguable. This is unfortunate, considering that it is highly poisonous, albeit sneaky and not instantly killing as the conventional poisons you’ve heard of. White table salt is a chief cause of hypertension, yet nearly everyone stockpiles it. I would suggest replacing these slow killers with the much healthier Himalayan salt & Celtic sea salt.

Concluding The Foods In Your Stockpile That May Poison You


We are preppers. Our preparations are not to be limited to foods, water, and gear. Just as we care about the quality and type of gear that we carry along to the wilderness, our foods’ healthiness must be looked into as well. You should pay extra attention and get rid of foods in your stockpile that may poison you immediately.