8 Crazy Survival Uses For Rice

uses for rice

There’s lots of uses for rice… but my favorite one is eating it. No questions asked.

Rice is by far one of the best survival foods you can have. Not only does it store for years when kept free of contaminants, but it’s also filling, and goes well with almost any dish.

Rice is also full of carbs you can use for much-needed energy. And believe me – if you’re in a survival situation, you’re going to need as many carbs as you can get to be able to stay moving and be on full alert.

The crazy thing, though, is there’s actually way more uses for rice than just eating it. In fact, it could really help you out once SHTF!

It’s my job to help get you as prepared as possible for when things get bad. That’s why you need to know these…

Crazy Survival Uses For Rice

1 – Preserve The Salt

Now that heading may have sounded counter-intuitive. I mean, salt is already a preservative, so how could you preserve it even more?

Well, I’ll tell you. When salt combines with moisture, it tends to clump together. And most of us know the frustration of trying to pour clumpy salt out of a salt shaker… there’s not much you can do at that point.

And, if you’ve got a limited supply in a survival situation, you’re going to want to savor every last grain of salt you have left.

Luckily, you can solve this issue by pouring a few grains of rice into the salt shaker. That way, if you do encounter some moisture or humidity, the rice will soak it up from the salt, leaving your salt completely preserved and ready to use.

2 – Test Your Oil

Sometimes survival cooking means frying up some delicious food… but it can go south real quick if your oil isn’t hot enough.

Test the temperature of the oil by dropping a grain of uncooked white rice into it. If the grain floats and begins cooking, you’re good to put your food in. If not, wait it out – your taste buds will thank you for your patience.

3 – Save Your Phone

This is one of my favorite survival uses for rice (especially since I’ve used it quite a few times).

Let’s be honest… your smartphone is by far one of the greatest survival tools you can have in a crisis. With it, you can call or text for help, search websites for survival tips and hiking trails, find directions, and so much more.

However, your phone is of no use to you with a watered down battery.

If your phone goes for an accidental swim in the lake, simply place it in a bag filled with grains of uncooked rice. Make sure the rice completely covers the device. The rice will absorb the liquid, and give your phone a much greater chance at surviving another day.

Pro Tip: You can also use this trick for other compact electrical devices, such as cameras and flashlights.

4 – Ease Your Pain

Back/joint pain can be a killer in a survival situation. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also slow you down and prevent you from completing necessary tasks.

Amazingly, rice can help ease your pain. Take a clean sock and fill it with uncooked rice, making sure to tie off the end. Then put it in the microwave for two minutes. Once the timer’s done, place the hot sock onto your back and joints to help ease the pain.

Pro Tip: You can also freeze the sock instead to make a handy, flexible ice pack.

5 – Stop Rust In Its Tracks

This is one of the most helpful uses for rice, since it saves your survival tools!

Rust is incredibly annoying in a survival situation. Not only is it corrosive, but it also quickly dulls the blade of anything it lands on.

However, with the help of rice, you can stop that rust right in its tracks. Pour grains of uncooked rice all over the tools in your toolbox so they’re covering the metal/steel areas. Rust is created when oxygen meets moisture, so the rice will collect the moisture instead, and prevent rust from accumulating.

6 – DIY Glue

Did you know you can actually make your own glue by blending water and paper together? It’s astoundingly simple and effective to use.

Take a look at this how-to video for the specifics:

7 – Treat Certain Skin Conditions

Take out the expensive (and bulky) moisturizers and creams from your bug out bag! I’m going to introduce you to a shockingly simple and effective skin solution for treating a variety of conditions.

This method can seriously help you out in a crisis. Not only can it help treat skin conditions like acne and eczema, but it can also soothe your sunburn and cure diarrhea.

Pretty amazing, right?

It’s also astoundingly inexpensive. For the small cost of a bag of rice and some purified water, you can treat all of these conditions and purify your skin. That’s way easier than lugging around expensive creams!

To make this concoction, simply boil 4 cups of water (make sure it’s purified) and add a cup of rice (any type but wild). Stir the pot until the water becomes cloudy. Then strain it, and pour it into an air-tight container.

To use, simply wash the effected skin with the rice water and pat dry. The liquid will remain effective for four days.

8 – Entertain The Child

Who says you need to bring lots of fancy gadgets to keep your kids entertained? When you’re in a survival situation, you and the kids won’t be able to be preoccupied with a tablet or electronic game to stay busy.

Thankfully, survival situations tend to show you how to simplify your lifestyle. For example, if you’ve got little ones, you can pour uncooked rice into mason jars, and seal the lid tightly. These makeshift maracas can help keep your kids preoccupied while you cook, sleep, or gather supplies.