Best Dogs For Hunting Birds

best dogs for hunting birds image
English pointer with rooster pheasant flushing out of a grass field.


Looking at the best dogs for hunting birds beforehand will help you know which and which not to buy when you visit the local pet store. This is because even training a dog for common tasks is a difficult job (which you must see as a hobby), much more when you’re training them to hunt wings in flight. However, if you can buy the right dog for bird hunting when it is still young, you can get it to be your hunting companion when you hit the woods. This is where this article matters.


5 Best Dogs For Hunting Birds


Your bird-hunting canine friend does more than fetching dead birds. If well trained, it can help to spot bird hiding spots and even force them out. It depends on what you want. However, this is not done merely by asking it to. It is undeniable that you need a strategy, but what’s even more important is your dog’s natural ability. Some dogs are naturally versatile hunters; some are better suited at retrieval, some are patient and highly enduring, and some can survive very harsh weather. Let’s see the five best dogs for hunting birds.




Brittany is a good dog to have on a hunting trip. This dog has an untiring winning mentality, which guarantees that it never stops chasing. Also, it is naturally conditioned to obey its owner. Brittany has a wide & open nose to enable deep breathing for excellent stamina.


Chesapeake Bay Retriever


The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is very strong, possesses high energy, and greatly loves to swim. The CBR can dive into icy waters and swim around for long hours. Its intense, powerful, and muscled personality makes the Chesapeake Bay one of the most accomplished bird hunters you can walk along with.


Boykin Spaniel


Talk about size having no effect on efficiency, and you have the Boykin Spaniel as a foremost consideration. This smart little dog is a great hunter due to its smartness and ability to adapt, allowing it to travel even in boats. The Boykin Spaniel has an official day in South Carolina, owing to the love its citizens have for it.


English Pointer


Experience always counts – there’s no better way of illustrating that than the English Pointer, which is considered the oldest species of sporting dogs. These dogs have a highly developed sense of scent, considering how easily they sniff out smells in the air. They can help you track birds easily, and soon as they do, they let you know. Talk about the northern stars.


English Springer Spaniel


The English Springer is the fastest spaniel there is and the most hardworking of all breeds. An English Springer Spaniel is highly motivated to deliver, no matter the task. It can flush, retrieve & point birds, and is considered a quintessential hunting canine.




Having any of the above-mentioned best dogs for hunting birds is an excellent idea. With these dogs, you can hunt for birds more quickly and easily. They sniff out the air, point you in the right direction, and run to fetch after you shoot. Name a better guide.