Best DIY Toothache Remedies

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Knowing beforehand the best DIY toothache remedies will ensure that you can care for your toothache anywhere you go. In the wild or wherever, you don’t have to bother about your prescription medicines with the DIY remedies we’ll look at below.  You can spend as long as you want in the wilderness without having to go nuts when your toothache resumes. You may also decide to make these remedies if your clinical treatments are not giving significant results.

5 Best DIY Toothache Remedies



Barberry is a prevalent weed and even popularly hated, as it always finds a way to attach to nearly every patch of wood in an area and spread so wide that it suppresses the growth of other crops, and it becomes near impossible to walk close to it. The berberine has been identified as the part of the barberry responsible for its antibiotic & medicinal properties. This is what gives the plant its yellow roots & bark too. Common replacements for barberry are Coptis & goldenseal, but it is more available due to its invasive nature. You can also eat this plant, although many would prefer not to.

Toothache Plant


Toothache plant, known as eyeball plant, is mostly a tropical plant that grows perennially. I see the plant as a quick-growing version of echinacea — as echinacea takes so many seasons to grow. But this grows faster and boasts of similar nutrients. Just like echinacea, the eyeball plant causes increased saliva flow and a unique tingling sensation. To use this plant, all you need to do is get its fresh flower-head and chew. If you can’t chew, you should try to bite it and then stuff it near the aching tooth between the gum and the cheek.

This plant can be made into a tincture if you’d prefer. Just chop and soak the flower in alcohol for four weeks, after which you strain the liquid and store it in an airtight jar. Keep in mind that this plant causes a strong, immediate tingling the moment you chew it. It will also cause your body to produce more saliva than you can conveniently swallow.



The Chinese man is sure to be familiar with the clove’s healing ability, as mentioned in the Book of the Samurai. Clove has always been revered for its clinical capabilities, although it was mainly known for its tooth-relieving power. 

To use clove, you can buy its distilled oil & drop it on your finger to rub on your gum when necessary. Note that clove is spicy and may cause a burning sensation in the tissue. So, use very little to avoid excessive irritation. It may numb the tissue for some seconds, too, during which you’re tricked to forget the pain being caused. Also, clove is an effective antimicrobial agent.

Concluding The Best DIY Toothache Remedies


Obviously, the best DIY toothache remedies don’t require a lot of cash to make. All you need do is visit the wild with a guide to identify these plants & cut a little from them. Thanks to nature, toothache does not have to continue gulping your cash down.