Seniors Need Dash Cams, the Scary Reason Why

If you haven’t heard already, insurance companies all over the world are saying seniors need dash cams.

Not because they think seniors are bad drivers.

Quite the opposite actually.

The reason they say seniors need dashcams is because there are some big time scams aimed right at seniors, and dash cams keep seniors safe and protected.

If you’re not sure what a dash cam is I’ll give you a brief explanation concerning these new driving tools.

Once I’m done explaining what a dash cam is, I’ll also expose the scams aimed directly at seniors.

It’s sad this is what’s going on in our country today; but once you see what’s going on you’ll understand exactly why seniors need dash cams and what you can do to protect yourself.

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The Purpose Of Dash Cams Revealed

I’d imagine almost all of you are familiar with the now defunct show “COPS.”

“COPS” was a great show because it used point of view camera action to demonstrate how tough a cop’s job really was.

All that footage was compiled at the end of a shoot and turned into an episode.

One of the added benefits of the shows “camera’s always on” philosophy was it generally showed just how easy it was for crooks to lie about things.

But as long as the cameras were rolling it was easy for police officers to prove when a criminal wasn’t telling the truth.

You probably remember a lot of the footage from “COPS” came directly from the dash-mounted video camera.

Back when “COPS” was made the cameras they used were the giant VHS monstrosities. Those cameras took up most of the dashboard and made it difficult for regular citizens to use cameras for documentary purposes.

Over the past decade or so cameras have gotten much, much smaller.

Now, cameras can fit into the smallest of spaces.

Interestingly as cameras got smaller insurance fraud started to rise.

And that’s how the DashCam was born.

As cameras got smaller and people started to realize how important it was to record activity on the road the need for small dash cameras rose.

So people started making small little cameras that mounted on the dashboards to protect themselves.

This is what a DashCam looks like.

seniors need dashcams


Dash Cams Are Making Seniors Much, Much Safer – Here’s How

Dash cams are incredible because they record everything that goes on with your car when you’re driving it, (some will even record when your car is parked).

The tiny one you saw above is called the BlackBox DashCam. This tiny camera takes 30 seconds to install and as soon as it’s installed it records from the moment you turn your car on till the time you turn it off.

That’s why it’s one of the top-selling dash cams on the planet.

More impressive it is it records in full HD, so it picks up details sometimes missed with older, more inefficient models.

You can see more details on this camera along with the best way to save $100s right here.

Now as you’re reading this you might wonder why exactly seniors need dash cams.

It’s actually quite simple.

As I mentioned above the total number of fraudulent insurance claims levied against people has increased over the past few years.

In thousands of cases, seniors are the victims of these insurance scams.

Sadly insurance scams against seniors aren’t the only reason for seniors need dash cams. In fact, there are quite a few more and I believe if you want to remain protected you need to see them now.

1 – To help prove who’s right in driving accidents:

An unfortunate side effect of aging is how people automatically assume our progress in years makes us bad drivers. Stereotypes exist and dash cams help prove not all seniors are bad drivers.

If you’re ever involved in an auto accident and have a dash cam it’s quite easy to determine who’s at fault. That’s useful for a number of reasons. For one it will determine whether or not your insurance rates go up or not.

Secondly it can be used to help instruct you how to drive better in the future.

2  – To avoid unfair targeting in speed traps:

Look, I have a lot of friends who are police officers, so I don’t want it to appear I’m taking sides against the police. However, it’s well known many police forces and the towns they work for create speed traps to bilk taxpayers out of money.

Dash cams can be used effectively in a court of law to get out of erroneous penalties and fines.

It’s a shame police use their power and authority to rob people. However, they do it all the time. As more and more people carry dash cams in their car the police guilty of this unfair practice will eventually stop.

Not only that, if you keep a dash cam focused on your speedometer you can even prove you weren’t speeding.

3 – Document insurance fraud:

Seniors need dash cams because people love to target them for insurance fraud.

Here’s how the typical scam works. A pedestrian stands near a busy intersection or near a stoplight and looks for a victim. Many times they choose seniors because they know they’re easily flustered. What they’ll do is wait for an opportune time and move in front of your car as you start to drive away or as you slow down.

They’ll intentionally allow you to hit them, and then act as if they’ve been mortally wounded.

Most of the time this happens they’ll make sure there’s no one there to witness the accident. After you supposedly hit them they’ll file a claim against you, or even worse, file a lawsuit against you so they can make big bucks.

This doesn’t just happen with pedestrians either.

Often times other drivers will pull some kind of dirty trick. Take a look at the example video below (click the play button since I couldn’t get the video to play on my blog).

Keeping one or more dash cams on in your car will protect you from these thugs. The video evidence will prove they’re the ones who did something wrong, not you.

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Yes, Seniors Need Dash Cams + What I Love about Dash Cams

I believe with all my heart seniors need dash cams.

There are a lot of people in this country who wouldn’t think twice about pulling one of these scams on you or me.

Not to mention the fact it’s simply unaffordable to be the victim of these scams, pay for nonsense speeding tickets, or suffer under unfairly raised insurance rates.

One of the main reasons I recommend dash cams like the BlackBox DashCam is because of how affordable they are.

Back in the day recording systems costs upwards of $1,000.

Now you can get a dash cam for around $200-$400. Which when you think about it, is a great way to save yourself from insurance fraud.

Among my favorites on the market is the BlackBox DashCam.

I really like the BlackBox DashCam for several reasons.

  1. It’s easy to use/easy to install. Just take it out of the box and attach the suction cup to your windshield and you’re ready to start recording.
  2. It uses a 100 rechargeable battery. Never buy batteries for this amazing dash cam.
  3. Turns on automatically when your car turns on. Never worry about missing a moment with the BlackBox DashCam.

And finally, the #1 reason I love it?

The price!

The BlackBox DashCam normally retails for around $200. But I’ve been given a special promotion code you can use to save a TON of money.

I think you already know how useful these dash cams are. So why not get one for yourself?

Just follow this link and get your BlackBox DashCam for a price you can’t argue with!

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