Self Guided Bullet That Could Help Defeat ISIS

Proud Americans are rejoicing now that Donald Trump has been elected Commander-in-Chief because he promised to make America great again.

He also promised to build a wall along the US-Mexican border and defeat ISIS.

You remember ISIS, right? The group over in the Middle East killing babies, beheading Christians, and burning entire villages.

They’ve been awfully quiet lately after the all-out air assault by Russia. And now that Trump has been elected, he’s going to hopefully make good on his promise to end their reign of terror.

In fact, President-Elect Trump didn’t just make a promise. He made a contract with America of what he will accomplish in his first 100 days of office.

Part of his Contract included this:

Restoring National Security Act
Rebuilds our military by eliminating the defense sequester and expanding military investment;[…]

Not too shabby, right? We know Trump takes ISIS a lot more seriously than President Obama, who referred to this bloody terrorist group as the JV team.

So what’s he going to do? Yes, we can use tanks and regular guns, but we’ve got the best technology in the world. Let’s use it.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA has created a “self guided bullet” that can change direction in mid-air!   It’s controlled by microchips and even when fired down range on one target can switch to another.

See The Self Guided Bullet That Could Defeat ISIS In Action

This used to be the stuff of legend.

A self guided bullet!

But now we have a weapon that will have no trouble hitting terrorists targets.

ISIS doesn’t stand a chance!

This wasn’t always the case. That’s because now we have a lame duck president who for the past 8 years didn’t do jack about Islamic terrorism.

In fact, President Obama has welcomed Muslim refugees from the ISIS stronghold of Syria and he insists the USA take more! Even with no process in place to ensure these refugees aren’t ISIS soldiers in disguise…

Donald Trump said we need to shut down all immigration from these countries until we get a handle on who ISIS is.

And if Obama just accepting refugees isn’t bad enough…

Just a few week ago, we discovered Hillary Clinton took millions from Saudi Arabia & Qatar, through the Clinton Foundation. These same countries fund ISIS!

Wouldn’t that be sweet justice if those funds were seized by President Trump and used to design weapons to stop terrorists?

Trump also recognizes our porous border is where ISIS will attack the USA. But instead of spending US dollars, he promised that Mexico will pay for it it.

And his plants are pretty dang interesting.

Right now, illegal immigrants work here and send money back home. Mexico pours $24 billion into their economy via this method.

So to combat this, Trump wants to put a rule in place to limit money leaving the USA unless you prove your legal status. By this method, Trump intends to force Mexico’s hand.

This is how Politifact sees it:
Trump’s conclusion is that Mexico will protest U.S. attempts to bar undocumented immigrants from sending money to Mexico. He says his proposed rule modifying definitions of financial institutions and accounts would not go into effect if Mexico makes that one-time payment of $5 billion to $10 billion, which would go for border security.

So in more than one instance, President Trump will defends us on other people’s dime and keep us safe from ISIS.

And he could use the money saved to buy amazing self guided bullets.

What do you think, does that sound like an awesome plan or what? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Awesome. Nice to see SciFi become reality. This is a different world, and we need to do all that is required to bring down those enemies who would carry us all back to barbarism.

  2. I think TRUMP has some great ideas. MUCH more then Obama– Let’s give a try, atleast he tells us what he plans or will do, and Obama sneeks around!!

  3. This plan (plant?) sounds very inventive, almost like a guided bullet. But even if Mexico doesn’t sign up, the wall can easily be built out of the savings from not having the welfare, school, law enforcement, and many other costs that the illegals that DON’T get through the wall would otherwise cost us.

  4. Its about time we up graded or Military. Go Trump go! We need more batteries on our boarders to protect us from the Russians and Iran. If they send us a missile, we should respond with one of our own. Above all we need these batteries to protect our country.

  5. i just wish they knew exactly where these isis men where at. i would love to give them an early christmas present my self. a taste of there own medicine. im a red blooded southern country boy and proud to be an american and im dam sure not lettin isis or any body else come in my country and try killin my family without a fight i mean a stand proud and dont let some bitch like hilary take or rights from us buy as many guns as you can and stand together.

  6. We have been at active war since the late 60s. They have become a global power during this time. War isn’t pretty, Russia did exactly what is necessary when you commit to war. War is killing and breaking things of your enemy. Bush made things worse by not declaring war on Irans part of killing our kids, and any other nation that supplied the enemy with support. So, Bushes war on Iraq as far as I’m concerned, was to kick start the necessary calamity towards a global government, not to declare war on Islam.

  7. We have been targeted by the Saudis, but before they finish us off, they will use us, to fight their enemies for them. They are the enemy as well.

  8. A self-guided 50 caliber bullet is just BS. Once a bullet leaves the barrel of the rifle/cannon/whatever, the only forces that are available to act on it are gravity, drag, and wind direction. For this idea to work, the bullet would not only have to have computer chips on board, it would also require send and receive radio communication, but also a source of energy, and at least one or more dirigible rocket nozzles or a number of fixed rocket nozzles that could be selectively activated, and a hell of a lot of energy to expend to change the direction of the bullet – especially at the last minute – that bullet would have a lot of momentum that would have to be changed in a very short period of time. Like I said, B.S.

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