6 Amazing Ways To Reuse Wood Pallets

Many preppers don’t think to reuse wood pallets. That’s a shame, considering how ridiculously cheap they are (they’re often FREE when you go to Goodwill, garage sales, Craigslist, shipping companies, friends’/family’s houses etc).

Plus, they’re insanely useful. Each pallet contains an assortment of wood you can use for a variety of projects. And, if you can get a few at once, you have the materials for a serious project.

Unfortunately, many times wood pallets get thrown to the wayside, never to be thought of again. And so, since prepping is all about using every resource to your advantage, you get to learn…

6 Amazing Ways To Reuse Wood Pallets

Before We Get Started… Disassembling

One of the things that prevents preppers from taking advantage of wood pallets is the fact that they’re difficult to take apart.

Well, not anymore. Here’s a cool video showing you how to take these apart with relative ease.

Homemade Table

Whether you’re bugging in, bugging out or just hanging out on the weekend, everyone can use a table. This provides a flat, above-ground surface to hold your food, preps, etc. Plus, it’s lightweight enough to transport.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to make a table for your home.

Bugging out and don’t have lots of time/space? The bug-out table in the video below is the perfect option for you.

DIY Planter

Most everyone can use a survival garden. These handy inventions allow you to grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and more – right on your own land.

Well, here’s an even easier option. By building your own planter, you can have a more contained space in which to grow your produce. This is a cheaper option, since you’ll use less compost, fertilizer and soil to get the job done.

Not to mention, planters are a great option for those who are living where the soil isn’t ideal for planting.

And, since it’s portable, you can bring this “mini survival garden” with you wherever you go.

Here’s an example of a planter you can build from scratch. It’s pretty simple and can easily be done over a weekend.

Make Your Own Tool Tray

Trays are excellent for storing electric and non-electric tools. And this storage space can be the perfect way to keep these precious items off the ground and out of the snow. Plus it keeps them all together, making organization a breeze.

And, since the tray is portable you can easily bring it with you as you work.

Check out the video below to learn how to build a DIY tool tray.

Build A Fence

Fence building can be beneficial around your survival garden or bug out location. It can also help keep out animals and intruders.

Here’s an example of how to build one of these fences out of pallet wood.

Make Your Own Interior Wall

This project is great for bugging in and can save you some serious cash.

Using wood pallets you can build an interior wall to help insulate your home. With this wall you can keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

And when you use cheap (or Free) wood pallets to build it you don’t have to break the bank (or your budget).

Make A Shed

Wood pallets can be the perfect resource for building a shed. Not only are they cheap, but this shed can provide a safe and convenient storage space for your preps.

Here’s a video showing Part One of the building process. When you’re ready to see more, click the link at the end of the video. Happy building!

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  1. Easier way to disassemble pallets and pallet paneling:
    Disassembly: Instead of cutting off the top/bottom boards at the main structural rails and then having to remove the small pieces from them, just use the sawzall to cut through all the nails. Stand the pallet on end and insert the blade between the top/bottom boards and the rails. Makes surprisingly small scars on the boards, and each piece is mostly ready to use save for removing the nail heads from the top/bottom boards which MAY NOT be necessary for your particular project. For example, my brother-in-law recently finished off two 20′ sections of wall with pallet pieces and just left the nails intact. It only took about 5-7 minutes to cut the boards off the rails for each 3×4′ pallet. The benefit to leaving the nails in eliminated extra holes in the wood, a benefit if using the pieces outside.

    Wall paneling: He put up 2x4s on the block walls and then used a brad nailer to attach the pallet pieces to the 2x4s. He took the extra step of sorting the pallet pieces by width so that each course was the same width as they varied by pallet. Leaving the nails in the boards also gave the appearance that this ‘rough sawn’ panels were nailed to the wall with 8p nails and increased the rustic appearance. Once finished he used tung oil to protect the wood and it had the side benefit of improving the contrast of the colors, markings and grain.

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