Biden Humiliated by Low Approval Ratings in his Home State Delaware

President Joe Biden got embarrassed in a new Civiqs poll that found he is now underwater in his home state of Delaware.

The Civiqs poll showed Joe Biden’s approval rating is underwater by 3 points in Delaware. He was at about 50% in just April.

Biden’s favorability rating in Delaware is 46 % and his disapproval rating is 49%. These are shocking numbers. Just last year, Biden had a 62% approval in Delaware.

Biden is underwater in 41 states. The states Biden holds a net positive approval rating are Vermont, California, Washington, New York, and Maryland. In Rhode Island, Biden’s net approval rating is +3 points. In Illinois, Biden’s net approval rating is +1.

This shouldn’t come as surprising news seeing the staggering decline in approval. Under his administration, gas prices have risen to historic prices, America has been a passive player on the world stage, COVID regulations have overtaken personal freedoms, and the quality of press conference meetings declined to pathetic (and sometimes hysterical) lows.

America may be catching on to the fact that Biden is not the right man for the job.

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