Woke College Loses Big in Court, Forced to Shell Out MILLIONS for False “Racism” Defamation

Oberlin College, one of the wokest of the woke centers of “higher education,” has been on the losing end of a legal battle over an innocent bakery it slandered as “racist” for months now. That legal battle stems from it slandering a once-beloved and successful bakery near campus as “racist” after three students tried stealing wine and viciously beat the shop owner when caught and called out, as I reported back in April, saying:

Such was the case when Gibson’s Bakery in Ohio, a bakery that used to be quite popular with Oberlin students, caught three students shoplifting wine and called them on it, upon which time the three students proceeded to viciously beat the shopkeeper for not letting them steal with impunity.

[…]Well, rather than apologize for the brutal, criminal behavior of its students, Oberlin went on the warpath against the innocent bakery owner. You see, the owner is white and the students were black, so the left immediately turned the violent incident into a racial one.

Students began protesting the bakery for being racist, ignoring the fact that the students were criminals and had assaulted the bakery owners, with a member of the Oberlin administration joining in and slandering the bakery.

Rather than just let the school and its students keep spreading libel, the bakery fired back and won a battle in court back in April, proving that the school had defamed it and ruined its business with those completely false accusations of racism.

And now Oberlin is being forced to shell out the big bucks over the slanderous libel it spread about the innocent bakery and its viciously attacked owner, ruining the business of an entirely innocent shop owner after its students behaved in an egregious manner.

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In fact, Oberlin just agreed to pay (after losing the case in April) a whopping $36.59 million to Gibson’s Bakery, finally ending the six-year-long saga of a courtroom battle. Just the News, providing more context about the legal spat and why the school finally buckled and gave in, agreeing to pay the massive amount, reported that:

The agreement ends the 6-year-long legal dispute between the Cleveland-area college and Gibson’s Bakery that attracted national attention over such issues as criminal justice, race and free speech, according to The New York Times.

The college’s board of trustees announced its decision Thursday to pay the million – nine days after the Ohio Supreme Court declined to hear the college’s appeal of a lower-court ruling.

So thank goodness the case is in Ohio, where the courts weren’t unfriendly to the idea that a collection of wokies should have to pay for smearing a business with false accusations and destroying its economic prospects by doing so. One expects that the case would have turned out quite differently in New York, DC, or California.

But, thankfully, it took place in Ohio and the court actually held the college responsible for its actions. Good for it and good for Gibson’s!

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