Warmongering Lindsey Graham Demands Biden Designate Russia “State Sponsor of Terror”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is at it again, this time kicking the warmongering up to 11 and demanding that President Joe Biden designate the Russian Federation as a “state sponsor of terror,” a move that would only heighten tensions further and worsen relations between the US and Russian Federation.

That comment came when Sen. Graham appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The Story” and was asked by the host, Trace Gallagher, about his thoughts on what’s going on in Russia. Specifically, Gallagher said:

“This is escalating, make no doubt. I mean, they are there are people there are young people trying to get out of Russia. You’re trying to get out, so you don’t get enlisted in their military. This thing has escalated. So. Your thoughts on what’s happening?”

Responding, Sen. Graham said:

Well, there’s no off-ramp now for Putin. He’s annexed, illegally, parts of Ukraine. Every nation in the world with a half a brain is going to reject this annexation, the United Nations has. And I appreciate the president saying we’re going to stand by NATO, but here’s what we’re not doing.

“The president, Biden, has refused to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism under U.S. law. We had a vote in the Senate 100 to nothing, urging the Biden administration declaring Putin’s Russia, a state sponsor of terrorism like Iran and North Korea.

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“If you did that, we would have access to federal courts to sue for the damage done in Ukraine and throughout the world by Putin. He is a terrorist. The Wagner group is dismantling, dismembering parts of Africa. He is now illegally annexed territory of a neighboring country. He’s a war criminal on steroids.”

And that wasn’t all. Continuing, Sen. Graham then specifically asked President Biden to make the state sponsor of terror designation and declared that an attack on the Ukraine should be treated as an attack on NATO, saying:

So President Biden, please designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism today. And please let Russia know that if you explode a nuclear weapon inside of Ukraine, that would be considered an attack on NATO itself because the radiation would not be confined to the Ukraine. Putin needs to know what happens if he goes further, and I’m really worried that we’re not doing enough to deter this guy. The Ukrainians are fighting like tigers, but we’re always late to the game in terms of helping.”

Fortunately, some in the GOP are saner than Sen. Graham. Rep. Roger Williams, for instance, said that the US needs to be defending its border rather than pouring ever more money into the Ukraine pit, saying:

“I mean, we’ve got money going to Ukraine, which is fine, but also, we’ve got a real situation on our border. We need to be putting money there. And now, with the tragedy in Florida, we’re going to have to probably do some things there. So, this is a bad, bad bill. I’ll be voting against it.

“I think what we’ve seen is Russia really is not as strong as we — as many people thought they were from a military standpoint. … [T]his war with Ukraine has basically gone on too long. We’ve supplied them with a lot of money and a lot of equipment. They’ve done a wonderful job. We need to get help from other countries, though, because, from a U.S. standpoint, it’s not only money we’re spending, they’ve actually — a lot of it could be spent at our border, which is paramount to me living in Texas. But also look at the weapons that we’re supplying and we’re going to have to replenish our supply for future needs. So, we need more help from the worldwide community. We need to just not be the one that is supplying all the assets to Ukraine.”

By: Gen Z Conservative

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