(VIDEO) No Migrants in Obama’s Backyard as Martha’s Vineyard Officials Ship Migrants Back to Mainland

As border towns are forced to deal with thousands of migrants day on day, liberal officials on billionaire’s island, Martha’s Vineyard have gone into meltdown over just 50 arrivals.

Democrats have always pushed for open border policies, with many virtue signaling that their towns would provide unlimited sanctuary for migrants. But now, just as its time for them to put their words into action, liberal mayors and officials have suddenly changed their tune.

This week, Rep. Governor, Ron DeSantis flew around 50 illegal immigrants to the luxurious island of Martha’s Vineyard, where liberal multi-millionaire mouthpieces like the Obamas and Oprah have homes and 84 percent of its voters opted for Joe Biden to be president.

Almost immediately, island officials declared a “humanitarian crisis” and went into full meltdown as the handful of migrants touched down. By comparison, border towns have to manage 6,000 migrants on a daily basis. Perhaps the woke left’s dreamy idea of welcoming everyone into the country has finally smashed down to Earth.

“These are all sanctuary cities until they’re in their sanctuary. I doubt they will embrace them,” Mike Pompeo told Fox earlier this week, and he wasn’t wrong, as the island’s Gov. Charlie Baker yesterday bused the illegals over to the military base 32 miles away on Cape Cod just hours after they arrived.

On Thursday, homelessness director, Lisa Belcastro said the island, where the median home price is $1 million, cannot support the 50 migrants because the houses are too expensive for them.

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At “some point they have to move somewhere else” she told reporters because the island is suffering a “housing crisis”.

Showing their painful hypocrisy, island residents, who overwhelming voted Democrat, couldn’t help but do their final bit of virtue signaling, hugging the migrants as they were ushered off their idyllic island and shipped far away enough to become nothing more than a distant concept again.

Baker said that the Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC) will cater for the migrants’ every need so that the island won’t have to:

“JBCC is a facility already designated by MEMA as an emergency shelter in Barnstable County, and its existing infrastructure provides a safe temporary accommodation appropriate for the needs of families and individuals.

“Additionally, the facility can provide dedicated space for access to legal services and other essential services such as basic healthcare.”

It sort of begs the question as to why the Biden Administration doesn’t set up more purpose-built detention centers to keep at least some of migrants off American streets while they’re processed. Although of course, Republicans would be shot down for suggesting such a thing.

Baker went on to say that the migrants will be living in “dormitory style” spaces at the base – again, a similar set-up to a detention center – and that families would not be separated.

He added that Martha’s Vineyard is “not equipped to provide sustainable accommodation” for the 50 migrants.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts Senator, Susan Moran blasted island officials for onloading the migrants onto her derestriction and vowed that they would be treated with “dignity and respect”:

“Using vulnerable populations as pawns in a political game is heinous; this we can agree on regardless of political party.

“I have been meeting with local and state agencies over the last 24 hours to ensure we are doing everything we can to support both the immigrants and the local officials who are on the front lines of responding to their needs.

“This morning it was announced that the men, women and children who recently arrived from Venezuela will be moved temporarily to Joint Base Cape Cod where we can better address these challenges.

“In Massachusetts, we treat all people with dignity and respect.”

As thousands more swarm across the border day after day, we’ll see for how long Democrats like Moran believes she can deal with a never ending swarm of needy people ascending into her area.

There won’t always be a military base to fall back on. I suppose for now, it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind.

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(VIDEO) No Migrants in Obama’s Backyard as Martha’s Vineyard Officials Ship Migrants Back to Mainland is written by Jo Marney for trendingpolitics.com