Tucker Highlights Sickening Treatment of January 6th “Political Prisoner”

While many Americans have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season, even if Slow Joe Biden is still in charge and the costs of Thanksgiving have risen dramatically under him, there’s one group that’s probably in pretty dismal spirits. That would be the group of prisoners locked up in DC over the January 6th incident, a group that has allegedly been treated horribly in jail.

While many have since forgotten about them, some haven’t and are still willing to draw attention to their plight, with the Columbia Bugle and Tucker Carlson doing so by highlighting the sad case of Chris Worrell. Watch Tucker do so here:

As you can hear in the clip, Tucker began by calling attention to the limited evidence surrounding what Worrell was even up to on that day and the allegations he has made of horrific conditions in the DC jail, saying:

First of all was in Washington on January 6 2021. But there’s no evidence that he ever entered the Capitol building. But he went to jail anyway. And then like many other January 6 defendants languishing in jail, he was mistreated dramatically. Chris world said he endured inhumane and abusive conditions. For example, guards refused to give him his prescription medications.

He needed them to treat his cancer. He was suffering from a type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma was not allowed to see an oncologist for months. At one point he passed out he still did not get immediate medical attention. This is a time when rapists are getting out. When more than half of murderers the United States are not solved because no one cares enough to solve them.

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But this guy stayed in jail. Finally last November, a judge ordered world released because he wasn’t getting proper treatment. So in the time that he was not getting his treatment for being in Washington. On January 6, his cancer progressed from stage one to stage three. It’s a tragedy. Just pillar watch the whole thing she is Chris world’s fiancee. She joins us tonight. Trish, thank you so much for coming on. How is your fiance doing?

Worrell’s fiance, responding to Tucker, said:

He’s doing okay, since he’s been home, he’s had some major medical issues. He’s had five rounds of chemotherapy. He’s had major oral surgery, which he’s still recovering from. He’s had two more bouts, where he’s passed out and been unconscious, just like he was in the prison. High blood pressure and unexplained high pulse.

Tucker then highlighted the ridiculous way in which Worrell has been punished while many of those who committed horrific, violent crimes were not punished, saying:

So this was happening at a time when the people running the country, the Democratic Party have decided that people commit violent crimes aren’t really criminals, they’re victims of our racism or whatever. Why do you think your fiance was kept behind bars for months with no treatment for his cancer? Why? Why were they so determined to punish him?

Responding, Trish called the DC jail Worrell was locked up in the “DC Gulag” saying:

Well, the DC Gulag made a statement that these guys and women that are in the prison are political prisoners. So they’re all being treated that way their foods being poisoned, their recreation time is taken away from them. They’re on solitary confinement. They’re just denied all kinds of, you know, basic human rights. One instance, there’s a there’s about 44 men in the prison. And there was one toenail clipper to be used amongst all 44. Well, Chris had to cut his mustache off so he could eat his food with those nasty nail clippers.

Responding, Tucker agreed, noting that it was known as one of the worst, if not the worst, jail in the United States.

Yeah. Well, anyone who lives in Washington knows it’s famously the worst jail in the United States…

He then asked her if she or her fiancee have gotten any help from the GOP politicians, asking:

So I assume you guys vote Republican? Did any politicians come to your aid? Or do they just continue to ignore you like everybody else in Washington?

Predictably, she said that the career politicians have been ignoring the plight of her fiancee and that only a brave few are willing to stand up for Chris, saying:

They’re ignoring us? Yes. Without you guys and a few others that are representing and speaking out upon us. Our first amendment rights are definitely in under attack. We definitely need help. The more people we can get on our side, the better we need lawyers.

Adding one more example of how Worrell was treated compared to leftists caught causing mayhem after George Floyd’s death, Tucker said:

Yeah, so the guy the lawyer tried to fire bomb policemen to death after George Floyd’s death, gutless or less of your punishment than your fiance. So I appreciate you coming on set and telling your story and I hope it changes people into defending you. Thank you very much.

Wrapping things up, Trish then told people how they could support Worrell, saying:

Thank you. And also I’d like to mention that we have a crowdfunding page. It’s Gibson go.com forward slash Flotilla, and also the Patriot Freedom Project has really has helped us out as well. Thank you

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Tucker Highlights Sickening Treatment of January 6th “Political Prisoner” is written by Will for trendingpolitics.com


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