Tucker Carlson Just Leveled Serious Allegations Against Biden

News Host Tucker Carlson opened his show on Wednesday with allegations against the President of the United States. Carlson said that Biden planned to unify the country, but not in the way everyone could coexist. According to Carlson’s claims, Biden plans to make America a one-party state and control the entire nation by eliminating opposition. .

Carlson recalled the DOJ’s reaction to the Democrats who challenged Trump’s election in 2016, claiming it was a fraud. He recalled how the DOJ handled the same issue entirely differently when the Republicans questioned Biden’s election in 2020.

Carlson mentioned Biden’s recent speech, which he delivered on the 1st of September, calling republicans a threat to the nation. In other words, the President declared to the country that only people who share the same views as he does would remain relevant. Any civilian or politician who holds different perspectives, no matter how similar, will be regarded as a threat and treated in that manner.

Biden might have just declared that America belongs to the democratic party, and there is no space to coexist with competitors. The President made this statement just a few weeks before the election and ensured every American with eyes or ears would be aware of his declaration.

His Vice President ensured Biden was heard and explained his statement well to those who might have misunderstood. She added that opposing ideas and opinions are not welcomed under the Biden administration, and anyone who dares to oppose the President will be regarded as a terrorist.

Carlson added that America had practiced two-party politics for as long as he could remember. For decades, these two parties have coexisted and have been voted into and out of power. Now, the party leader, which prides being democratic, has decided that the other party is no longer a political organization but a criminal organization with terrorist masterminds. Carlson asked what else that declaration would mean except the demand for a one-party state.

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In addition, this same man happens to be the one who leads the country at the time and possesses all of the state’s power. Therefore, he has unquestionably used the resources available at his disposal to turn America into his state slowly. Not only has he weaponized the Department of Justice, but he has also weaponized the FBI and many others agencies supposed to uphold the law.

Carlson added that the craziest part of this madness is that the President is not only going after the GOP. He has added every conservative American to his target list and wants every American who supports the former President or is affiliated with the GOP destroyed.

He sees that these Americans can stand as an opposition to his selfish plan, and he knows he cannot talk them into supporting him. So, he wants them destroyed and out of his way for good.

Conveniently, several democrats share the same opinion with their party leader and wish to avoid opposition and rule forever, becoming unstoppable. Tim Ryan, running for the Senate in Ohio, recently said on far-left network MSNBC, “We’ve got to kill and confront that movement.” Not defeat it, kill it.”

Biden’s idea of a democratic state is leaning more towards totalitarianism. If this President, who has done nothing good for America, is not stopped soon, who knows what is next on his agenda?

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Tucker Carlson Just Leveled Serious Allegations Against Biden is written by Abdul for trendingpolitics.com