Trump Skewers Biden’s Open Borders Policy


In a passionate two-hour interview at his esteemed Mar-a-Lago resort, former President Donald Trump delivered a scathing critique of President Joe Biden’s administration, denouncing what he perceives as a concerning “invasion” transpiring at the U.S.-Mexico border—a situation he described as a troubling “migration of civilization into our country.”

Trump, in his characteristic assertive style, did not mince words as he criticized Biden for what he contends is a lack of understanding regarding the United States’ negotiating power with Mexico. The former president expressed his disappointment with the recent discussions between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena, painting them as emblematic of the current administration’s purported weakness in handling immigration matters.

Drawing on the achievements of his own administration, Trump underscored the success of policies such as Remain-in-Mexico and agreements with Central American nations in substantially reducing border crossings. He passionately argued that the Biden administration’s swift reversal of these measures has unleashed what he perceives as an unparalleled “invasion” and an alarming “migration of civilization” into the U.S. Trump, unapologetically, reiterated his belief that some migrants are from mental institutions globally and boldly suggested the presence of terrorists among them.

The border situation is not merely a crisis but an imminent catastrophe for Democrats and Biden. He confidently predicted that, by the end of next year, Biden’s policies would facilitate the entry of a staggering 15 million people into the country. This underscores concerns about the potential social and economic impact of Biden’s lax immigration policy, which is a significant threat to the nation’s security and stability.

With a shrewd eye on Biden’s relationship with Mexico, Trump highlighted the considerable support he received from the country during his tenure, including the deployment of soldiers. There was a palpable sense of skepticism as he questioned Biden’s capacity to effectively address the border crisis, presenting the issue as an enduring challenge for the current administration.

Trump’s unyielding stance serves to galvanize support from those who share his concerns about immigration and national security, positioning himself as the steadfast leader needed to confront what he perceives as a grave and urgent threat to the country.