Over 1,000 Migrants Unleash Chaos, Storm El Paso Port Of Entry

Over 1,000 Migrants Unleash Chaos, Storm El Paso Port Of Entry

(ConcernedPatriot.com) – Around 1,000 angry migrants allegedly tried to force their way into the United States at the Paso de Norte International Bridge in El Paso, according to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

On Sunday afternoon, a group of primarily adult migrants traveling alone passed Mexican immigration officers and tried to forcibly enter the United States through the Port of Entry.

The source, who was not allowed to speak to the media, informed Breitbart Texas that the party was barred from entering El Paso by CBP officials stationed on the American side of the bridge.

At the time of publication, the sizable migrant group had been driven back into Mexico but was still scattered.

The insider thinks the group might try to breach the Stanton-Lerdo facility on Stanton Street in El Paso, a nearby international bridge. According to the source, the migrants are probably dissatisfied with the CDC Title 42 Emergency COVID-19 order’s increasing application.

The Biden administration included the immediate removal of migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua to the Title 42 order.

In a video released by the Mayor of El Paso, the bridge is seen being blocked off on Sunday afternoon with CPB police on duty:

Recent months saw fewer crossings along the southwest border due to the increased use of the emergency rule, forcing migrants to either wait in Mexico until the restriction expired or pay cartel smugglers to fund a more shady, riskier, and expensive trek into the United States.

Most migrants entering large groups were swiftly freed to seek asylum claims in the United States before the intensified implementation of the Title 42 power, which saw individuals swiftly removed to Mexico or their native country.

The order will expire in May and will be replaced with an immigration enforcement measure that will speed the deportation of immigrants who do not request asylum in a third country and impose a five-year bar on re-entry.

According to Breitbart Texas, the El Paso Sector of the Border Patrol had approximately 56,000 migrant arrests in December before President Joseph Biden visited the region in January.

Migrant arrests in the Sector decreased by more than 40% to 31,900 in February due to the Title 42 COVID-19 authority’s expanded application that was put into place immediately after the president’s visit.

It is unknown if any migrants trying to enter the United States through the Paso Del Norte International Port of Entry were detained by Mexican or American police due to the incident.

Since the incident, a request for information from Customs and Border Protection has been ongoing.

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