New Poll Shows Trump Has Commanding Lead Over Biden


Is it not abundantly clear that the time has come for Joe Biden to graciously exit the 2024 presidential race? A recent and highly reputable poll, generously sponsored by none other than the Harvard University Center for American Political Studies, leaves little room for interpretation. In a hypothetical rematch against Trump, the numbers resoundingly favor the former president, boasting a robust 53 percent compared to Biden’s meager 47 percent.

This recent poll joins a chorus of national polls conducted since January 15 and sings a harmonious tune – Trump is experiencing a resurgence, once again capturing the hearts and minds of the American people. Bob Cusack, the astute editor-in-chief for The Hill, succinctly articulates the power of political momentum, and at this juncture, Trump indisputably holds it in an unyielding grip.

Such findings are not merely statistical curiosities; they are the source of palpable anxiety within the Democratic ranks. Even political luminaries like Barack Obama find themselves compelled to sound the alarm, cautioning Biden that his re-election aspirations hang precariously by a thread if he chooses to face Trump in 2024. Behind the scenes, a growing consensus among political insiders suggests that Biden may be contemplating a strategic exit, with whispers circulating that the date of August 19 could mark the turning point.

Among those heralding this potential development is none other than Louis Navellier, a seasoned former bank insider and Wall Street fund manager renowned for skillfully navigating some of America’s most treacherous financial waters. His latest prediction is nothing short of audacious – in a widely disseminated video, Navellier presents compelling evidence that strongly indicates Biden may make a jaw-dropping departure before the November election.

And here’s the twist that amplifies the drama of this unfolding political narrative: a “shadow candidate” is poised to emerge, ready to usher in a sweeping tide of liberal policies and regulations not witnessed since the era of FDR. While the mainstream news outlets may just be catching the first gusts of this political tempest, the discerning among us recognize that the time to prepare is now.

For those genuinely concerned about the potential consequences of a far-left regime on the very fabric of America, it is imperative to lend a keen ear to what Navellier has to say. His forecast for 2024 holds the potential to send seismic shockwaves through our nation’s economy, financial system, and the wallets of hardworking Americans.