Mexican President: ‘We Don’t Make Fentanyl’ – Blames US

Mexican President: 'We Don't Make Fentanyl' – Blames US

( – As pressure grows on his government to combat cartels, Mexico’s president accused the United States of being to blame for the fentanyl issue, according to reports.

“They are doing this with a propaganda intent,” Lopez Obrador (AMLO) remarked, alluding to calls by U.S. legislators for harsher steps against cartels. Americans have this idea about fentanyl that ‘Mexico is responsible.’

He said, “Fentanyl is neither produced nor consumed here.”

Mexican Cartels Are Making Millions on Fentanyl-Laced Medicine

AMLO has adopted a combative stance as American legislators put more pressure on Mexico and demand that cartels be classified as terrorist groups. Some even advocate using American military force.

The Mexican president expressed his sympathy for Americans who have overdosed on fentanyl but questioned why more isn’t being done to stop the flow of the drug and take down local cartels.

“Why don’t they care for their children?” Lopez Obrador questioned. “Why don’t they address the social decay in their lives?”

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López Obrador’s assertions that Mexico doesn’t produce fentanyl conflict with evidence made public by his own government. Military personnel has searched secret laboratories that produce synthetic drugs like fentanyl.

The two biggest producers and suppliers of fentanyl are the Sinaloa Cartel and the Cartel Jalisco New Generation.

Because it is inexpensive to create and allows traffickers to reduce their loads numerous times while maintaining potency, the substance has become incredibly popular.

Nonetheless, overdoses are frequent because of their high strength and minimal dilution in lab conditions.

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