Lisa Boothe Completely Butchers Biden, Mainstream Media In Scathing Commentary

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President Joe Biden decided to go on the assault against Republicans on Tuesday over pushing back against his gun control agenda, saying some pretty provocative things concerning the purpose of the Second Amendment. Biden stated something to the effect that folks would need more than “assault rifles” to fight back against a tyrannical government, such as an F-15. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty close to a threat of unleashing the military against civilian Americans should they dare to stand up against oppressive government authority.

Well, as you can probably imagine, this did not go over well with a whole lot of folks, particularly conservatives. Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe is one of the individuals who was deeply incensed by the comments the president made. So much so, in fact, that Boothe unleashed her full wrath on Biden, butchering him and his comments to piece like a hack and slash scene from a horror flick.

According to the Daily Wire, Boothe went on to say that the president has a well-established history of telling whoppers, along with smearing and slandering others during his lengthy time in politics. And for the record, Biden has definitely overstayed his welcome in the public sector. His long career makes an excellent case for term limits in the Senate.

“I think Joe Biden would love to stir things up because he would love to give the FBI and the DOJ an excuse to further weaponize against Americans and against patriotic Americans,” she kicked off her scathing commentary. “And the guy’s who’s actively trying to imprison his political opponent wants to talk about fascism, right? Unless he’s giving an instructional on how to be a fascist he has no leg to stand on here.”

“But one of the biggest lies Americans were told is that Joe Biden is a good guy,” she continued. Ouch. That’s a really big burn. It’s the kind that might require some burn cream. Slap a little ointment on that one, Sleepy Joe!

Boothe then went on to make a reference to the campaigns that Biden led when he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary, where he targeted two of the best and brightest men to ever be nominated for the Supreme Court.

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“If you think about it, this is a guy who led two of the most terrible confirmation hearings in American history, where he smeared and slandered Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas when he was Senate Judiciary chairman,” she went on to remark.

The Fox News contributor then cited a letter that was written by Bork’s widow where she says that Biden was not fit to serve as the commander-in-chief.

“Mary Ellen Bork, the late Robert Bork’s wife, even wrote to The Wall Street Journal heading into the 2020 election warning us that Joe Biden is a man without a compass who viciously smeared and led a character assassination against her late husband,” she said.

“I was there during the four months of vicious political campaigning against this judicial nominee, my husband, and in the Senate hearing room as then-Sen. Biden presided over a rigged hearing full of an unprecedented level of lying and distortion of a man known for his integrity and judicial wisdom,” Mary Ellen Bork said in the letter written in September 2020. “We will all have tears in our eyes if Joe Biden is elected president.”

Here’s a bit more from the Daily Wire:

Citing the plagiarism accusations that effectively ended Biden’s presidential race in 1987, Boothe continued, “This guy is a prolific liar; he is a plagiarist, had to drop out of a previous presidential race because of that.”

Boothe then referenced the reports that Biden had deflected when confronted by the mother of a serviceman killed in Afghanistan by speaking of his own son, she fired, “The only reason anyone thinks Joe Biden is a good man is because he has suffered so much loss, and he uses that loss, he uses that grief for political purposes as both a shield and a sword as we saw when he got 13 service members killed and then tried to invoke the death of his late son, who died of cancer. He did not die in the line of duty.”

“One of the biggest lies we were ever told is that Joe Biden is a good man. He is a terrible president. Even worse human being,” Boothe said as she concluded her rant.

That, as the kids say today, was total fire. Boothe pretty much nailed it with her commentary here. Biden is not a good person. We have plenty of evidence to the contrary. Not only this stuff from back when he was a Senator but the material found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The evidence suggests that the elder Biden was part of a scheme concocted alongside his younger son to sell political access to him during the time he served as vice president in the Obama administration. He’s corrupt. His family is corrupt. This alone makes him unworthy to occupy the office of president. Let’s hope that, regardless of whether or not he runs in 2024, we never see a second term from Joe Biden.

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