Leftists Try to Smear DeSantis with Claim He Tortured Gitmo Detainee

With DeSantis getting more popular and his governance of Florida posing a better and better example of what conservative leadership of a state looks like and how much better such leadership is than leftist leadership, the attacks on him are ramping up, much as they ramped up on Trump once it started looking like he would win.

Now those attacks include the accusation that DeSantis was involved with “torture” during his military career, with a former Club Gitmo detainee saying that DeSantis was a “torturer” during the 10 months he spent at Gitmo during W. Bush’s time in office.

Twitter was unimpressed, with people saying things like:

“This just makes me love DeSantis more”

“Says the terrorist suspect . . .”

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“This just makes DeSantis even more of a badass. Cope and seethe”

“(1) World events, which include the capture and beheadings of journalists. are not being set forth and viewed in perspective here. An accusation by a prisoner leveled against DeSantis of force feeding to end a “hunger strike”, pales in relation to world events.”

“Even if this were true, who gives a damn? You know who they house at gitmo…”

“DeSantis torturing a Terrorist will in-fact make him popular”

“Trump has no chance now. DeSantis will win with 90% if he plays this up”

“I don’t believe a word of it, but unless this man was innocent of the crimes for which he was imprisoned in Guantanamo I don’t think I’d care anyway.”

Others doubted the stories were even true, commenting:

“And then DeSantis put a noose around his Neck and yelled: “this is MAGA country” while Clarence Thomas put a pubic hair in his coca cola.”

“Ahh look at them desperately trying to find something on Ron. Good luck”

“Did he make him watch #SheHulk ? That kind of torture needs for be banned by the UN?”

“Meh. I wouldn’t take the word of a terrorist held in custody for anything; including that the sun shines at noon on any given day. The left is so predictable: just like the Trump and hookers playing yellow showers in Moscow story. That really panned out, didn’t it?”

Regardless of whether it’s true or not, what DeSantis is accused of doing by the former Gitmo detainee would hardly qualify as “torture” by most people, as RedState reported, saying:

What we can do is talk down the actual accusation, which is fairly absurd. Apparently, at least according to this former prisoner, DeSantis signed off on him being forcibly fed “Ensure” while he was on a hunger-strike. Yes, you read that right. The rockstar governor’s grave sin, if it’s even true, was saving a man’s life who was trying to commit suicide. That’s apparently what passes for “torture,” these days. Another accusation supposed that DeSantis laughed while the feedings took place.

So this attack seems to have backfired…if anything, all the “DeSantis tortured a terrorist” line of attack did is boost his popularity with the base.

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Leftists Try to Smear DeSantis with Claim He Tortured Gitmo Detainee is written by Will for trendingpolitics.com